image/svg+xml Webinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 LessonsWebinar Series: How to Create an Online Course – 10 Lessons

We’re excited to announce an expert webinar series, “Great e-Learning content from A to Z”. At the webinars, Michael Sheyahshe, an e-Learning expert, will guide you through the whole process of crafting a course — from initial roadmap to final content distribution.

Who should attend: The webinars will be of great value for those who are new to instructional design and want to create awesome e-Learning projects systematically. Even if you’re a seasoned professional, you’re bound to find something new and useful. And of course, you’re welcome to share your experience, ask questions to the expert, and have a good time with fellow e-Learners!

We’re launching this project because we want to help e-Learning developers create effective training courses in a snap.

3 reasons to attend the webinar series

  • Michael will both cover theoretical essentials, such as ID methodologies and knowledge check types, and provide a lot of hands-on training on creating, improving and sharing e-Learning content.
  • This series is a great opportunity to connect directly to an industry expert, ask him questions, interact with other e-Learners, and share your experience.
  • And yes, all the webinars are free :).

We’ll host webinars every week, and the first one starts on August 16th. Here’s the list of all the webinars. Welcome aboard!

Lesson 1. Quickstart: e-Learning Design & Content Roadmap

Date: 8/16/17

Topics covered:

  • Overview of instructional design for e-Learning and various methodologies
  • Intro to course roadmap
  • Before you open PPT. What should be considered?

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Lesson 2. SMEs, Stakeholders, & Roles: What You Should Know

Date: 8/23/17

Topics covered:

  • Understanding subject matter expert, or SME, roles and importance
  • Managing expectations on both sides
  • Becoming an advocate for learners

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Lesson 3. Copy! Writing Essentials for Authoring On-screen Content & Narration Scripts

Date: 8/30/17

Topics covered:

  • Creating textual content for each slide
  • Write narration scripts to be read aloud

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Lesson 4. Action! Tips & Tricks for Audio/Video Narration & Editing

Date: 9/7/17

Topics covered:

  • Getting ready to record
  • Tips for recording
  • Editing audio/video files

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Lesson 5. Inquiring Minds: Creating Enhanced Learner Assessments

Date: 9/13/17

Topics covered:

  • Review of different assessment & knowledge check types
  • Considerations for interactive results/scoring
  • Which tests best fit which content and how they can be used

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Lesson 6. Attention Please! Creating Interactive & Immersive Content

Date: 9/20/17

Topics covered:

  • How to engage learners with increased interactivity
  • When it is beneficial to use branching scenarios in your content
  • Creating branching scenarios

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Lesson 7. Practical Application: UI/UX Best Practices for e-Learning

Date: 9/27/17

Topics covered:

  • Overview of User Interface / User Experience best practices
  • How to implement these in your e-Learning content

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Lesson 8. Touch Ups: Ensure Efficacy, Viability, & Accessibility in Your Content

Date: 10/5/17

Topics covered:

  • Accessibility standards and other ways to ensure efficacy and viability
  • Analyzing course results
  • Content update to increase retention

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Lesson 9. Share Content: What Are Your Options?

Date: 10/11/17

Topics covered:

  • Publishing your content
  • Sharing content in iSpring Cloud
  • Leveraging iSpring Learn LMS

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Lesson 10. Best in Show: Final Thoughts, Tips, & Examples of How to Push Content Further

Date: 10/18/17

Topics covered:

  • Review of existing content, available resources, and interactions
  • Tips for pushing your content further

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About the expert

Michael Sheyahshe, Technologist at alterNative Media

Michael Sheyahshe is an Artist, Author, Developer, and Technologist at alterNative Media. He has almost 2 decades of experience in the design and development of interactive media, tools, simulations, and games for federal, state, and corporate entities, utilizing various e-Learning methodologies.

Specialties: Serious games, 3d modeling, 2d, design, layout, illustration, simulation, instructional design, augmented reality, sketch, and much more.

Michael has already presented several useful webinars with us. You can watch the recordings here:

We’ll be happy to see you at the webinars! If you have any questions, just drop a line to our community manager Polina Khizhnyak, and she’ll be happy to help you.

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