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Level Up Product Training & Sell More

iSpring Learn is made to ensure your sales team gets complete knowledge on the solutions you offer to your customers. See everything about your products and services in one place, distribute learning content in a few clicks, and easily track results.

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Whatever your challenge is, iSpring Learn has got you covered.

  • Induct new employees quicker
  • Keep up with an expanded product range
  • Certify your partners

Knowledge is Power

Armed with in-depth product knowledge, your salespeople are not mere order-takers.

Sell smarter

Better recognize customers’ needs and recommend better solutions. Clients appreciate that you care about their interests (instead of simply trying to close the deal) and therefore buy more willingly.

Boost cross-sales & upsales

Equip your salespeople with a map of complimentary options that add value to the main product to maximize the value of every customer.

Grow confidence

When salespeople know your products from A to Z, they’re enthusiastic to tell customers about the features and guide them through the details, and don’t stumble on difficult questions.

Instill trust

Understanding of what you offer allows your salespeople to speak like true experts on behalf of your company and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Easily Share & Synchronize Product Knowledge

Having a sound understanding of what you offer to your customers is vital for closing sales. The
easiest and most efficient way to provide that is bringing your product training online.

Single knowledge hub

iSpring Learn is the place where your company’s expertise is accumulated. By creating a single source of relevant information, you can quickly introduce a product to a new teammate or make sure that all your employees are on the same page.

Engaging learning

Activities provide a more engaging experience than overhead projectors and box-checking exams, especially for subject matter that can be dry. Gamification turns routine chores into a friendly competition among employees.

Individual learning paths

Even in product training, there’s no “one size fits all” learning plan: sales representatives look for a focus on product value, while tech support specialists need advanced technical courses. Assign courses and learning paths, or make content available for self-enrollment.

Mobile support

Not only can employees study when and where they want to, they also have all the information at their moment of need. With iSpring Learn iOS and Android apps, it’s possible to reach the content on mobile devices, even with no internet connection.

Real-time tracking

Get insights about your employees’ performance on training activities. Just run a quick report and you’ll see who’s live having a session, how much time any of your employees spent learning, and who needs to take training as soon as possible.


Online training reduces organizational expenses for both learners and business trainers. Once a course is created and uploaded to the system, you can re-use it to train new staff as many times as you need without paying more.

Keep Authoring & Content Management All Under One Roof

Powerful integration with iSpring Suite, the PowerPoint-based authoring tool, allows you to easily develop training materials from scratch or use existing presentations, documents, and other files to kickstart your product knowledge training online in no time.

  • Advanced reporting capabilities
  • Flawless content playback
  • Instant one-click publishing

Jump-Start Product Training
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One Day

iSpring Learn helps companies equip their teams with the most current product knowledge, and makes this process as easy as browsing social media.


Simply click Sign Up, do a little initial configuration, and — ta-da! — you’ve created your learning platform.


Fill the system with the most recent and reliable information on your products. The repository has a familiar folder structure, so managing files is really easy.


Add employees to the system, divide them into learning groups, and assign courses. You can also create organizations if you train partners and customers as well.


Get the numbers you need in real time. The system gathers statistics not only on test results and completion rates, but also on how much time each learner spent on a certain course or even a page.

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