PowerPoint to SCORM Converter

The easiest way to create SCORM-compliant content is to use
a powerful plug-in for PowerPoint — iSpring Suite. It simply
adds a tab to your PowerPoint and thus makes all the
options available in one click.

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, 4th editions)
Why do I need to convert PPT to SCORM?

PowerPoint is the number one tool to create learning materials. However, PPT presentations have limited LMS support, and most often no tracking at all.

Convert your presentation to a SCORM-compatible format with a minimum of fuss. You can upload the course to an LMS, share it with learners, and track as they learn.

iSpring Learn LMS

Easy-to-use SCORM
compliant LMS

Create SCORM-compatible eLearning courses in 2 clicks

To create a SCORM package, just click Publish from the iSpring Suite tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. Then select a standard (SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004), and your course is ready to go!

iSpring Suite 8 tab in PowerPoint

Full result tracking, unlike with PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations have limited LMS support or no tracking at all. iSpring Suite lets you convert your presentation to a SCORM course, upload it to an LMS, and get detailed reports.

You can get advanced statistics on learner performance in iSpring Learn LMS, which works seamlessly with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004.

Start creating SCORM-compliant courses

Guaranteed compatibility with your LMS

Courses made with iSpring Suite are fully compatible with international eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5.

Plus, there’s a special team at iSpring that manually verifies the compatibility of courses with LMSs. They test how courses play on mobile devices, how results are tracked, and how content is displayed.

See the list of supported LMSs

Advanced features for mobile learning

iSpring Suite creates courses in HTML5 format, which allows learners to easily access them from iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Adaptive content

With iSpring, you don’t have to repeat your work and create a separate course for each device. Courses automatically adapt to any screen size and orientation, which provides a seamless learning experience on phones and tablets.

Gesture support

Learners can tap, swipe, or zoom course elements when using their smartphones and tablets.

Preview before publishing

Use the preview option to make sure your course looks perfect on various devices: tablets, smartphones, and desktops.

Enhance your SCORM courses with iSpring Suite

Build interactive assessments

iSpring Suite features 14 question templates: matching, sequence, hotspot, drag-and-drop, and more. You can customize branching, set up points and penalties, and organize questions into groups to assess multiple topics at once.

Add video and audio narrations

Record a narration for your presentation or create a video course from existing recordings. It’s easy to fine-tune videos and enhance them with titles, audio, effects, and annotations right in the built-in editor.

Create conversation simulations

Turn your conversation scripts into interactive dialog simulations. For example, you can train an employee to deal with an angry customer, correctly work with objections, or negotiate effectively.

Record screencasts

Create video instructions and how-tos to teach employees to use software. You don’t have to annotate a video manually, as the tool detects when you use hotkeys, click, and type, and adds hints for these actions.

Protect your course

Choose protection options for the courses you create: guard them with a password, watermark, or time restrictions.

Use a huge collection of course characters and templates

50,000+ assets for your courses: slide templates, themes, characters, locations, icons, and buttons. The iSpring Content Library has everything you need to build courses in-house.

Check out SCORM courses created with iSpring


Space Shuttle

This interactive course will help you learn more about the American Space Shuttle program. All PowerPoint animations, links, video, and web objects are kept intact, and at the end there's an engaging quiz.


Nervous System

From muscle coordination to emotional processing, this interactive course will give you a deep overview of how the Nervous System works. And the progress checks will help you consolidate your knowledge.


Creating a Podcast

In this video lecture, Rick Zanotti explains how to create your own podcast: what tools you need, and how to deal with budget and time issues and make your podcast look professional.



This interactive quiz about the highest mountain in the world was made in iSpring QuizMaker. Take this test to check your knowledge and learn something new about Mount Everest!


Car Sale Dialogue

This interactive branching scenario was created with iSpring TalkMaster. Imagine that you're a car salesman, and try to seal the deal with a walk-in customer.

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iSpring Suite Fast toolkit for creating courses, quizzes, and simulations
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iSpring Suite
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iSpring Suite Fast toolkit for creating courses, quizzes, and simulations
lifetime license $770

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