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Build courses brick by brick with ready-made assets

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A huge collection of e-Learning essentials: course templates, eye-catching color themes, characters, backgrounds, icons, and buttons — everything you need for fast course creation.

Every asset is tailored to achieve your learning objectives

iSpring has been developing eLearning tools since 2001. We’ve studied hundreds of courses created by eLearning pros from all over the world and put together the best practices for creating effective learning content.

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“No matter what you’re developing — a simulation on dealing with customers, an employee onboarding training program, or a course on robotics — with the Content Library, you can build any course fast and easy.”

Slava Uskov,VP of Product Development at iSpring

Extensive content library — right in your iSpring Suite

All the templates, characters, and images are right there on your iSpring Suite tab. Forget about scrolling through stock photos in search of the right visuals.

Course templates

Design courses like a professional with iSpring's templates. Simply choose a course template and add your content, or put your course together from several different templates.

Template library

Each template includes basic course elements: a title slide, a table of contents, chapters, a timeline, and info slides. Arrange these blocks in the order you want, add your text and images, and your course is ready to go.

Customizable fonts and colors

All templates are PowerPoint-based. Set custom fonts and apply a new color scheme to a whole presentation in a few clicks.

Build various learning scenarios

The library offers a large set of templates for building courses with characters. Choose a virtual instructor for your course, create dialogue simulations and practice communication skills.

Huge collection of characters

You can use more than 30,000 photos of characters of different ages, ethnic groups, and professions. There are salespeople, bank officers, students, teachers, construction workers, doctors, and more.

There are over 400 photos of each character: an incredible range of emotions, face expressions, standing poses, sitting poses, photos in motion — to create various learning scenarios.

Large collection of locations

Complement your course with a realistic background. Select from 230 backgrounds: shops, airports, banks, offices, hospitals, classrooms, apartments, streets; any location you may need.

Our photographers handpick locations and visit places all over the world to take the best shots for every learning situation you can imagine.

Gadgets and office supplies

There are 135 photos of various objects: smartphones and tablets, pencils, pens and markers, notepads, mugs, houseplants, paper clips, and more.

Turn your educational presentation into a compelling story. For example, place the main content of your slide on a computer screen and add some tips on sticky notes.

Collection of icons and controls

The iSpring Content Library gives you ready-to-use icons and controls that have a cohesive design and match each other perfectly.

600 professional icons

Enhance your courses with useful icons made by professional designers. There are navigation elements, emoticons, symbols, markers, true/false icons, social media buttons, and many more.

Buttons, switches and other controls

Create your course navigation with ready-made controls: checkboxes, radio buttons, indicators, sliders, and buttons. Simply pick a control, insert it onto your slide, and set up its action in PowerPoint.

New assets at no cost to you

The Content Library is updated every 1-2 months. You will get new templates, characters, photos, and illustrations at no additional cost.

We continue to explore new approaches to e-Learning authoring and add new assets to the library. All new templates, photos, and characters will appear in your iSpring Suite automatically.

If you need a new special character, template, or background, just share your idea with us.

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