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Making a screencast with iSpring screen recording software for Windows

iSpring Cam is screen recording software for Windows that is made for easily creating, editing and sharing beautiful screencasts.

Easily Record Screencasts

iSpring Cam contains a complete set of functions for screen recording. Easily record the full screen or a part of it.


Voice recording

Make your screencasts more informative by recording an explanatory voice-over with your microphone.


System sounds recording

Record program sound effects to demonstrate their full functionality. Feel free to add music to your screencasts to make them more engaging.


Mouse indication

Your viewers will not miss a single click of your mouse. Use cursor highlighting and mouse click sound effects to draw attention to your actions.

Make Adjustments

Edit audio or video to polish your screencasts’ look and feel. Fine-tune your screencasts in the built-in Video Editor on the fly.

Adjusting screencast with the built-in Video Editor

Delete a fragment of your video

If you don’t like certain parts of your screencast, you can always cut them out after you’ve done screen recording.


Remove background noise

Whether you’re screen recording in a studio or in a noisy classroom, you can create a high-quality screencast. Simply remove background noise of the desired fragment.


Apply audio effects

Add a professional touch to your screencasts by leveraging iSpring Cam’s audio editing options: mute sections of audio, adjust volume, and apply fade-in/fade-out effects.

Share Your Screencasts Instantly

Whether you have your own website or not, with iSpring Cam you can deliver screencasts in a snap. The screen recorder converts them to video format and provides you with a range of options to share them.

The playback of a screencast created with iSpring Cam

Save as Video

iSpring Cam converts your video to MP4 format, preserving its high quality (up to 720p or 1080p HD). Use the ready screen capture video in your presentations, e-mail it to colleagues or students, or share it via social media.


Upload to YouTube

With the new iSpring Cam, it takes just one click to upload the video to YouTube. You only have to enter your account details once; they will be saved by default for future use.


Share via iSpring Cloud

Upload a screencast to your personal storage on iSpring Cloud and get a shareable URL, or an embed code for your website.

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