iSpring Cam Pro

Create compelling software tutorials and training videos

iSpring Cam Pro helps you educate your learners with professional-looking video courses, how-to videos, and software tutorials.

Watch-and-repeat software tutorials

With iSpring Cam Pro, you can create screencasts and quickly train employees to work with business software. Now, an inventory management app or that new ERP won’t be tough nuts to crack.

Screencasts with voiceovers

Quickly produce narrated tutorials to explain a complex topic in detail and keep learners’ attention focused during the lesson.

Grab a screen area

You can record your entire screen, capture a certain area, or simply select an app window.

Record voice over

To add more context and explain a topic in detail, record a narration using a microphone.

System sounds recording

Record sound effects to fully demonstrate an app’s behavior or add some music to make a video more immersive.

Spotlight mouse actions

Draw attention to your actions on the screen — highlight a cursor and add click sounds.

Picture-in-picture screencasts

Add a personal touch to your online training: complement a screencast with a presenter video. For example, put yourself in your CRM tutorial to comment on what’s happening on the screen.

Software tutorials with annotations

Help employees quickly learn the ropes of an app and add a visual hint for each step so that they can easily repeat your actions.

Professional training videos

Record an expert-led video and highlight key concepts to boost retention and provide an engaging live training experience.

Interactive canvas

Drag and drop videos, annotations, shapes, and images right on the canvas to produce professional-looking videos in next to no time.

Multi-track timeline for video editing

Mix videos and support them with music or a voiceover. Plus, you can trim or delete fragments, split videos, or merge them together.

Intro slides and annotations

Create professional-looking videos with intro slides and titles. You can add images or create visual hints, infographics, and captions to help viewers retain the information.

Smooth scene transitions

Apply transition effects to remove abrupt cuts and create professional, polished videos that are exciting to watch.

Get feedback from stakeholders

You can easily collect feedback from experts, stakeholders, or colleagues with one-click publishing to iSpring Cloud. Just copy the short link and send it via email or work chat.

Upload to YouTube

If tracking audience activity is optional for you, share your training videos on YouTube. You can publish your freshly made videos to your channel in just one click.

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