Custom eLearning development

Tailored online courses designed for your team

We’ll build tailored eLearning courses for your specific needs – be they onboarding, compliance, or sales training. You’ll get an interactive course that matches your company's branding, hassle-free.

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Full-service course production

Looking for the ‘easy button’ on eLearning development? Here it is. Just let us know what you need and we'll do the rest.

High-quality for tight timelines

Our team of eLearning professionals will create a course for nearly any topic imaginable in short order.

Transparency in customer service

We always keep our customers informed of how we’re progressing throughout the project and agree on each step up to the final cut.

Onboarding courses

Make your new hires productive fast

We’ll create an engaging course about your company culture, its mission, values, and work standards. Your employees will be able to take the course from any device. This will help them stay focused from day one, understand what is expected of them, and get the basic knowledge needed to succeed.

Make your new hires productive fast
Compliance courses

Explain workplace policies and procedures

We’ll build a course on workplace safety, data protection and privacy, or business ethics. And our IDs will help your employees hone their knowledge and skills based on actual business cases and interactive assessments. And to get your team even more engaged, we’ll integrate game mechanics into the course.

Explain the workplace policies and procedures
Product catalogs

Educate your employees on company products

We’ll put together a course about your goods. The content will cover their features and key benefits so your sales team can present your products competently, overcome prospects’ objections, and close deals faster. The course will look like an online catalog with a quick search function. So, your sales reps will be able to find the right product fast and inform customers about it in detail.

Educate your employees on company products
Sales courses

Instruct on how to sell and work with clients

Our IDs will turn your instructions and scripts into an exciting role-play that mimics a dialogue with a customer. This will help your employees master their communication skills in a safe-to-fail environment. They’ll learn how to answer questions correctly and deal with objections with no risk of losing a deal or damaging relations with a client.

Teach how to sell and work with clients
Software tutorials

Help your employees master an app

Our IDs will create software tutorials to show your employees how to use a CRM, an accounting tool, Excel, or any other software. An employee will follow along with a step-by-step process on the screen and quickly learn the ropes of an app.

Help your employees master an app

Custom-made courses created with your learners in mind

Brand identity

We'll build an online course that aligns with your company’s branding. Or our IDs can create the design from scratch, according to your requirements.

Instant content updates

Together with the course, you’ll receive all the source files. So, when the information gets outdated, you can easily update it and just save the revised course.

Adaptive player

The course will automatically adapt to every device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (with iOS, Android, or Windows).

Extensive LMS compatibility

The course will work perfectly with any LMS that supports SCORM, xAPI, or AICC, including iSpring Learn, Moodle, SAP Litmos, and Docebo.

Bespoke courses for your industry. No matter what it is

Bespoke courses for your industry. No matter what it is Bespoke courses for your industry. No matter what it is

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