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First Things First

Learn how to plan your workday, prioritize tasks, and delegate work with the Eisenhower Method.

How to Give Feedback to Employees

This course will teach you how to communicate with subordinates, and what to do to avoid unpleasant situations.

Working on a Project: Life Cycle

Discover how to transform a task into a real project in four simple steps.

How to Organize a Meeting

Preparing a meeting is a breeze if you know all the details: from booking a room to sending follow-ups.

Working on a Project: Risk Management

This course covers how to plan a project to meet deadlines and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Working on a Project: Goal Setting

Learn how to set the project’s objective in 3 steps and utilize acquired knowledge in practice.

How to Cook up a Presentation

To create a good presentation, you need to know how to organize information and work with color, text, and composition.

The Hiring Process: How to Hold an Interview

Learn how to unleash the potential of a candidate during an interview and see if they suit your company.

How to Create Tasks and Delegate Them to Team Members

Discover how to set up tasks properly, so employees complete them on time.

Projects at Work: From Ideation to Realization

Learn how to communicate with stakeholders to influence their attitudes toward an idea.

Working on a Project: Data Sheet Compilation

See how to compile a project data sheet consisting of 7 clauses correctly.

How to Turn Your Ideas into Approved Projects

Discover how ideas that address the stakeholders’ needs can help bring your ideas to life.

Social Engineering

Explore how hackers use social engineering to steal your data and discover ways to avoid falling into their traps.

Protect Your Data From Hackers

Put theory into practice and see how well you can protect your data from hackers.

Mentoring in the Workplace

Learn the basics of effective mentoring programs in the workplace and get tips on how to become a successful mentor or mentee.

Diversity & Inclusion

Get a clear understanding of what diversity and inclusion are, why they are important, and how to work with diverse groups of people.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Learn what sexual harassment is, what types exist, and what to do if you or your colleague encounter it.

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