Convert PowerPoint into E-Learning Courses

Convert your existing presentations into e-Learning courses. Use your PowerPoint skills to create tons of quality e-Learning content fast and easy without special training.

Turn your slides into an e-Learning course

Online courses created with iSpring Suite

Create Video Lectures

Synchronize your video with your PowerPoint slides and publish it into a video presentation format to reach millions of viewers online.

Show presentation slides and lecture video in one player

Video lectures created with iSpring Suite

Build Interactive Assessments

Use state-of-the art iSpring tools to create interactive assessments with rich media, video, drag-n-drops, branching, and flexible scoring and testing rules.

Add interactive quizzes to your course

Quizzes created with iSpring Suite

Record Screencasts and Teach Through Video

Now you can record screencasts right in iSpring Suite without using any 3rd-party tools. Capture all or part of your screen with the built-in iSpring Cam tool and paste the video on your slides, or use it as standalone training material.

Add educational screencasts to your course

Screencasts created with iSpring Suite

Develop Conversation Skills

Create conversation simulations to practice your team’s communication skills. The built-in TalkMaster tool includes a library of backgrounds and characters to develop realistic dialogue simulations with branching and assessments.

Add dialog simulations to your course

Dialogue simulations created with iSpring Suite

Create E-Learning Interactions

Make your learning materials more visual with iSpring e-Learning interactions that you can create fast and easy with iSpring Suite. Use a set of ready-made templates for creating 3D books, timelines, references, glossaries, catalogs, and FAQs.

Add a flipbook and other interactions to your course

Interactions created with iSpring Suite

Extensive LMS Compatibility

iSpring Suite produces content that will work well in your LMS. iSpring tools perfectly support all classic and new e-Learning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, cmi5, and xAPI (Tin Can).

If don’t have an LMS yet, feel free to use iSpring Learn LMS and enjoy the advanced reporting capabilities, excellent content playback, and instant one-click publishing.

Adaptive Player That Works Everywhere

Everything you create with iSpring Suite supports Flash and HTML5 for perfect playback on any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (with Windows, iOS, and Android OS).

iSpring courses work on any device

iSpring Play Mobile App

iSpring Play is a free mobile app that allows learners to access your content anytime, anywhere, even with no Internet connection.

Save iSpring courses to mobile devices with free app

Content Library

Available with Full Service bundle only - $397 / year

This extensive collection of e-Learning assets includes course templates, backgrounds, characters, controls, and icons. Forget about scrolling through stock photos in search of the right visuals. Everything you need for quick development of professional-looking e-courses is right here.

iSpring Cloud

Available with Full Service bundle only - $297 / year

Your private cloud to safely share courses, presentations, and extensive video lectures online. iSpring Suite publishes your content directly to iSpring Cloud. Then you can put your e-Learning content on a website, post it on social media, or send via messengers. iSpring Cloud helps you easily track viewers’ activity in every channel.

Rapid Response Support

Available with Full Service bundle only - $397 / year

The live support team instantly helps you on the phone. 83% of cases are resolved in minutes. iSpring engineers will promptly assist you with any question about our products and content integration with your website or LMS.

Unlimited Upgrades

Available with Full Service bundle only - $397 / year

We add 20 brand new features based on popular suggestions from iSpring users every year. With the latest iSpring Suite, your courses work smoothly with all the newest web browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.