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Meet a New SharePoint LMS App that Works with iSpring

2 minutes

We’re excited to announce the release of InEdu’s Learning Spring, a brand-new LMS app hosted in Microsoft SharePoint. Inedu, one of our worldwide partners, has designed the app specifically for content generated with iSpring authoring tools. Learning Spring accepts content published in HTML5 format, so all your finely-crafted e-learning courses and quizzes will work seamlessly on mobile devices, in the ultra-high quality you’ve come to expect when you publish with iSpring. Select SCORM-compliant output when publishing and Learning Spring will still capture the quiz results.

Who can use Learning Spring? Anyone who uses SharePoint LMS and whose goals are to deliver courses and assessments and track the results in a simple, intuitive interface. That includes teachers from K-12 all the way up through university level, as well as trainers and educators in any corporate environment. All students and trainees can likewise login to the central Learning Spring SharePoint portal to view courses and take quizzes. And since those courses and quizzes will be published via iSpring, you can be certain that there’s no limit to the richly interactive, engaging multimedia possibilities, as well as a personalized learning experience for every user.

And what about administration? Learning Spring is a SharePoint hosted app. Once installed, it inherits the user rights from the parent site. Any organization with SharePoint 2013 or Office 365 can use Learning Spring and start delivering online courses and assessments published with iSpring authoring tools. The administrator of Learning Spring can add other administrators/teachers.

Teachers (or HR members) can:

  • Upload courses/quizzes
  • Assign courses/quizzes to students/employees
  • Check results/score

Students/Employees can:

  • Take courses/quizzes
  • Check results/score

The app works on SharePoint 2013 or Office 365. Learning data is stored within the app and no external connection is needed. Learning Spring works only with courses/quizzes/surveys created with iSpring authoring tools.