image/svg+xml image/svg+xml image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml How to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy StepsHow to Make a Quiz in PowerPoint in 3 Easy Steps

Apart from creating presentations, PowerPoint can also help you create multiple choice quizzes, one of the most common types of test. Here’s a detailed guide on how to make a simple quiz in PowerPoint.

If you’d like to create more comprehensive quizzes faster than in PowerPoint, you can take advantage of iSpring QuizMaker, an easy-to-use quiz creation tool. 

Step 1: Create question and answer slides

For this demonstration we will be using PowerPoint 2013.

  • Type the title of your quiz in the Title box on the first slide. Ours will be called “Mt. Everest Quiz”.
  • In order to create a question, move on to the next slide and type it in the Title box. Note that instead of questions as such, you can use incomplete sentences, phrases, or mathematical equations.
  • Try adding an image that will illustrate the question well. To do that, click on the Insert tab and choose Pictures, or simply click the picture icon in the center of your slide.
Question on the question slide in PowerPoint
  • Add reply options to your question. Go to the Insert tab and click the Text Box button. Type in the first option, then continue this process in order to add the rest of them.

As a rule, multiple choice tests contain one right answer (also called the key) and three wrong answers (also called distractors). However, you are free to add as many options as you like.

Answer on the question slide in PowerPoint
  • Compose all question and answer slides for your quiz following the same procedure.

Step 2: Create Feedback Slides

  • Add an additional slide after your first question saying that the learner has chosen the right answer. In the Title box enter a congratulatory message: Correct! / That’s right! / Well done!, etc. In the Content box, add a phrase that will encourage students to continue the quiz (e.g. Go to the next question, Continue the Quiz, Let’s move on.)
Correct answer slide in PowerPoint
  • Proceed similarly with the wrong answer slide, which will be displayed whenever test takers make a wrong choice. Add another slide and type in the relevant text in the Title Box. This time, however, provide your students with an additional opportunity to go back to the question and try again. So, this is what our wrong answer slide will look like:
Wrong answer slide in PowerPoint

We recommend you add helpful information on your feedback slides that explains certain questions and answers in more detail. Also note that there’s no need to add a Try again button after true or false questions, for obvious reasons.

Feedback message on a wrong answer slide in PowerPoint
  • Repeat the process, adding two feedback slides after every question of your PowerPoint quiz.

Step 3: Add Navigation to Your Quiz

  • Now it’s time to link the right and wrong answers to the relevant feedback slides. To do that, click the answer text box, then go to the Insert tab and click Hyperlink. In the open window, choose Place in This Document and then select the necessary “That’s right” or “That’s wrong” slide.
Adding hyperlinks to text in PowerPoint Edit Hyperlink window in PowerPoint
  • In order to continue navigation from feedback slides, follow the same procedure to add a hyperlink to the “Continue quiz” text. Once again, you will need to repeat the process for every single slide, because feedback slides should lead to a new question every time.
Adding hyperlinks to different slides in PowerPoint Adding hyperlinks to different slides in PowerPoint
  • To allow learners to go back to the question, open the slide for incorrect answers and click on the “Try again” text. Add a hyperlink to the question where the learner made a mistake. This time, go to the Insert tab and click Actions. In the open window, select Hyperlink to -> Last Slide Viewed.
Insert Action Button in PowerPoint 2013 Action Settings window in PowerPoint

Test your knowledge on the highest mountain in the world with this quiz that we created in PowerPoint.

Download Mt. Everest Quiz source file.

Create More Comprehensive Quizzes Faster

Making a quiz in PowerPoint may take a while since you need to create feedback slides for every single answer, and add navigation between them manually. Plus, PowerPoint doesn’t allow you to create other types of questions such as drag-and-drop, matching, multiple response, survey, sequence, and others. 

Various question types of iSpring QuizMaker

Therefore, we’ve enhanced our Mt. Everest Quiz with iSpring Quiz Maker, a simple yet advanced quiz authoring tool that allows authors to choose from 26 types of questions. Such a comprehensive variety helps keep learners engaged in the studying process.

In many situations, knowledge simply cannot be tested by multiple choice quizzes only. There are at least 6 main types of quiz questions to use in your e-courses. For example, tests on history require an understanding of how events evolved in time. That’s why we included a sequence question in our renewed quiz.

Sequence question in Mt. Everest Quiz made with iSpring QuizMaker

Sometimes more than one key answer should be chosen. These multiple response questions cannot be created by means of PowerPoint only. However, we did not discard the idea, and used iSpring QuizMaker for this purpose.

Multiple response question in the Mt. Everest Quiz made with iSpring QuizMaker

See how to get started with iSpring QuizMaker in a short video tutorial.

Quizzes that Grade Results

There are no tests without assessment; that’s why it’s essential that your quizzes evaluate students’ results. As you have probably noticed, there’s no such possibility in PowerPoint; that’s why we only added a neutral end slide that didn’t indicate whether the quiz has been passed or failed.

End title of the Mt. Everest quiz made in PowerPoint

On the contrary, the enhanced Mt. Everest Quiz grades learners’ results and shows their score, both during the quiz and at the end.

Hot spot question with multiple responses in the Mt. Everest Quiz made in QuizMaker Passing result slide in the Mt. Everest quiz made with iSpring QuizMaker Passing result slide in the Mt. Everest quiz made with iSpring QuizMaker

To make your quiz gradable, all you need to do is to set the Passing score in the Properties window of iSpring QuizMaker.

Properties button in iSpring QuizMaker Quiz Properties window of iSpring QuizMaker

In iSpring QuizMaker, passing result slides are created by default, so there’s no need to add them manually. At the same time, you can change the slide message according to your personal taste or needs, and add images, audio, and video.

Editing a passing slide in iSpring QuizMaker

iSpring QuizMaker publishes ready quizzes to HTML5, Flash or Exe formats. Therefore, feel free to share the results of your creative work via the Web, an LMS, or iSpring Cloud.

In order to collect quiz results, you don’t even need an LMS which automatically tracks quiz progress. Simply choose whether to get results via email or have them sent to your server in the iSpring QuizMaker Properties window.

Quiz Properties window of iSpring QuizMaker

More Amazing Capabilities

Effective e-Learning and e-Testing is all about the details. iSpring QuizMaker provides authors with additional capabilities, such as assigning scores and penalties for individual questions, and shuffling answers to keep students on their toes. You can also set the number of attempts and limit time to answer questions to prevent cheating.

Quiz Properties window of iSpring QuizMaker

Don’t hesitate to use feedback and branching as well to adapt your quiz to each particular learner. For example, link incorrect answers to additional information slides, and link right answers to new questions.

Feedback and Branching tab in iSpring QuizMaker

A well-designed quiz can be a tool of teaching, not just measurement. Learn these 5 secrets to creating quizzes that are learning opportunities.


While making a quiz in PowerPoint is an option, its functionality is limited, and it can be very difficult to author. With this classic software you can use multiple choice and hotspot questions. However, to author an interactive test that really tests students’ knowledge, more innovative software is required. Don’t hesitate to try iSpring QuizMaker for free to create comprehensive and engaging quizzes right away.

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