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Are you going to create your first training video? Or do you already have experience and want to upgrade with a new tool? We have researched and compared the 21 best training video software programs. Since the tools differ in their functionality, we have divided them into five categories, from simple screen capture apps to advanced video editing software. Check them out to find an ideal fit for your specific needs.

Tools for Screen Capturing & Webcam Recording

This type of software is a one-size-fits-all solution that is extremely popular among eLearners. By using one app, you can create different kinds of training videos. For example, you can record software tutorials like the example below:

This video explains how to cartoonize any photo in Photoshop.

With these tools, you can also create complete video-based courses with experts.

Part of the online training course “7 principles of phone sales”

Here are a few solutions that can help you make instructional videos in a snap.

1. iSpring Suite

iSpring Suite training video software

iSpring Suite is a robust authoring toolkit that allows you to create training videos by recording your screen with webcam and audio. It has a simple interface and all the necessary options for making professional-looking videos. For instance, you can add titles and captions, insert images and infographics, or create transition effects. With iSpring, you can also build an interactive quiz to perform a knowledge check after your viewers have watched a video, or create slide-based courses and dialog simulations to enhance the knowledge your learners have gained from the video lesson. In other words, iSpring Suite is a full-featured authoring solution for those who are serious about crafting high-quality eLearning materials. 

Cost: $970/year for the whole toolkit. Free 14-day trial →

2. Camtasia

Camtasia video software

Camtasia is an easy-to-use tool that, like iSpring, allows for capturing any area of your screen and including webcam input. It also lets you record audio clips to get the perfect audio for your video. Or you can simply choose a ready-made track from Camtasia’s library of royalty-free music and sound effects. The tool offers a lot of flexibility in terms of adding overlays and using animations and video effects. To test your viewers’ knowledge or simply engage them, you can insert a quiz or survey into your video.

Cost: $249. Free 30-day trial.

3. Filmora Scrn

Filmora Scrn video software

Filmora Scrn is an online screencasting tool that also has the option of recording webcam. It comes with powerful editing features for instructional videos like pan zoom or frame-by-frame preview. It also has basic tutorial features. For example, you can draw circles and arrows on your screen to help direct attention. With Filmora Scrn, you can share your tutorials on YouTube with one click or save it on your computer in the format you like, including MP4, MOV, and GIF.

Cost: $19.99 for 1 year or $29.99 for the lifetime license. Free trial.

4. Hippo Video

Hippo Video software

Hippo Video is an all-in-one platform that is designed for creating videos using a webcam, screen capture, and audio. Some of its features include editing options like trim, crop, add callouts, emojis, tags, highlighting mouse-clicks, and adding introduction or end cards to the videos. Unlike many other similar platforms, Hippo Video provides detailed analytics on who is viewing your training video, how they are viewing, where they are sharing, and how they are reacting to your videos.

Cost: There’s a free plan. The paid version starts at $15/month.

5. Panopto

Panopto video software

Panopto is a full-featured video platform for training and presenting. It has good screen capture, webcam recording, and live streaming capabilities. The platform includes editing tools that allow you to trim unwanted parts and split videos into smaller clips, upload and sync additional content, and embed interactive quizzes and polls. You can use Panopto for video hosting or integrate your video library into your LMS, CMS, SSO, and more.

Cost: Upon request. Free trial.

Interactive Training Video Software

Interactive videos engage learners in interaction with the content through different tools. Viewers can click the buttons, answer questions, and perform other digital actions. By using specific software, you can create training videos with branched scenarios – learners will be able to choose their own path and go with the personalized experience, like in a computer game. This approach makes learning even more fun and engaging.

See Lifesaver – a great example of an interactive video that teaches CPR through four action-packed scenarios. 

Here are four software solutions that will help you provide open situations for your learners and throw them right into the heart of the action.


WIREWAX video software

WIREWAX is a tool that is driven by artificial intelligence technology. It identifies people and objects and lets you tag them and make clickable hotspots, both moving and static. The motion of the object can be tracked as it moves in the scene. Static hotspots enable you to place buttons at any point in a video, and viewers can interact with any item that is in it. This way, participants can choose their own path and swipe between scenes or videos.

Cost: Upon request. Free 14-day trial.

7. Rapt Media 

Rapt Media training software

Rapt Media is a cloud-based solution that allows you to create navigable (like a website) interactive video experiences. With a simple drag-and-drop Composer, you can add clickable elements and branches to let viewers take the path they want. Then you can embed your training video almost anywhere, including your website or app, and track how learners are viewing in Rapt’s analytics dashboard. 

Cost: Upon request. Free 30-day trial.

8. Kaltura

Kaltura video software

Kaltura is a video platform that can help you easily transform any video into an interactive experience. You can build choice-based paths to let learners “choose their own adventure,” enhance video-based learning with interactive quizzing, and add hotspots. Viewers can select the lesson’s pace, repetition, and direction.

Cost: Upon request. Free 30-day trial.

9. Verse

Verse video software

Verse positions itself as a “storytelling platform that seamlessly connects your videos through interactive elements and transforms static content into dynamic digital experiences”. It allows you to add clickable hotspots, branching, chapters, and multimedia slideshows. The platform also comes with an analytics tool so you can keep track of views and in-video interactions. 

Cost: Upon request.

Animated Training Video Software

Animation videos are a simple way to emotionally connect to the audience and keep them engaged. For instance, with a good script and powerful visuals, you can showcase product instructions and guiding. See how the developers of the Parts Detect Mobile application did this:

The video provides instructions on how to get started with Parts Detect.

Check our shortlist of top animation training video software programs:

10. Animaker

Animaker video software

Animaker is an online platform that lets you easily create animated videos by selecting from a variety of ready-made characters, specifying their movement and facial expression, and changing it as many times as you want. The tool offers the ability to create animation videos using different styles, including infographics, 2.5D, handcraft, and whiteboard animations. Animaker has a built-in library that provides a huge collection of characters, charts, and icons, as well as sound and visual effects.

Cost: There’s a free plan. The paid version starts at $12/year. 

11. Vyond

Vyond video software

Vyond is an an-easy-to-use solution designed for creating high-quality animated videos. What is special about this platform is that it provides ready-made templates that are pre-filled with props, backgrounds, characters, motion, and more for different industries and occasions. You can use them as they are or customize them to your brand and message, and add unique content. Character customization options in Vyond are also quite extensive. 

Cost: From $49/month or $299/year per seat. Free 14-day trial.

12. PowToon 

PowToon video software

PowToon is another template-based video animation maker. It boasts a wide variety of characters in contexts that most concern work life and allows you to create not only colored animations but sketching outlines as well. The tool also offers a broad array of locations that you can choose, drawing on your business industry. 

Cost: There’s a free plan. The paid version starts at $19/month.

13. Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects video software

Adobe After Effects is a professional graphics software program. With this tool, you can take any idea and make it move, but, of course, it will require some serious training. It provides 60 million images, graphics, and videos to let you save time on searching, and tons of customization options. Adobe After Effects has some unique features that make it stand out from other competitors. For example, it includes the Character Animator tool that makes characters come to life by means of simple mouse clicks. 

Cost: $20.99/month. Free 7-day trial.

14. iClone

iClone video software

iClone is a 3D animation software program. It enables you to create engaging training videos with realistic 3D animated characters, interiors or natural outdoor environments, and even advanced lighting and shadowing effects. The software comes packed with ready-made templates for quick design.

Cost: Starts at $199.00. Free 30-day trial. 

Video Editing Tools

There’s a great number of video production tools that can help you create nice footage. We’ve covered a few solutions – both lightweight editors to get the job done in minutes and advanced software for experienced video editors. See the reviews to find the program with the right features for you.

15. OpenShot

OpenShot video software

OpenShot is a simple app that has all the basic features and capabilities for editing videos. It allows clip scaling, trimming, rotation, snapping, and adjusting location. The tool also provides a wide variety of video effects, unlimited tracks and layers, different kinds of animations and keyframes, and time-mapping speed changes.

Cost: Free

16. Filmora9

Filmora9 training software

Filmora9 is software that includes all the basics and a great number of advanced editing tools in the most easily accessible manner. With Filmora, you can quickly add and edit video clips, music, text, and filters. It supports 50 formats and can retrieve files from social media. Some interesting features include speaker speed control, camera shake fixing, 4k editing, and 3D LUTs. To make your training project even faster, you can use high-quality free loyalty media, audio, and video effects by downloading them from the Filmstocks store available on Filmora9.

Cost: Starts at $39.99/year. Free 7-day trial.

17. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio video software

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use yet robust software program that gives plenty of options beyond simple editing. It is fully loaded with advanced effects, filters and powerful tools, including comprehensive Color Grading, MultiCam editing, Video Masks, Green Screen effects, and more. It also provides some unique effects like stop-motion and 360-degree editing.

Cost: Starts at $59.95.

18. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro video software

Adobe Premiere Pro is the most widely used professional video editing solution, but it comes with a steep learning curve and mostly suits skilled video editors. It allows you to do more than just basic editing, including layering, compositing, and motion graphics. What separates Premiere Pro the most from its competitors is its powerful finely tuned color, lighting, and audio editing options. Moreover, it enables you to edit footage in any format, from 8K to virtual reality.

Cost: $239.88/year. Free 7-day trial. 

Apps to Create Training Videos on Mobile

Today’s smartphones are powerful enough to record high-quality video. With the help of special apps, you can edit the clips you’ve made and turn them to professional training videos right on your phone. If this is what you’re looking for, here are our suggestions:

19. iMovie

iMovie video software

iMovie is a video editing app for iOS with a streamlined design and intuitive editing options. It lets you turn your photos and clips into 4k training videos. The app has such features as video trimming, split-screen, audio editing, creative video filters, and a pre-made transitions library. One of its notable qualities is that you can start editing your training video on iPhone or iPad, then finish on your Mac. 

Cost: Free

20. VideoShow

VideoShow video software

VideoShow is an iOS and Android mobile video editor that makes it easy to merge, trim, split, reverse, rotate, convert, and compress video. You can erase and change the video background, use fast motion or slow motion, add filters, transitions, and sound effects, and live dub your training videos. 

Cost: There’s a free version that exports videos with a watermark. The Pro version costs $29.99.

21. KineMaster

KineMaster video software

KineMaster is a pro-level video editing app for Android. It has powerful tools like multiple video layers, blending modes, chroma key compositing, voiceovers, speed control, special effects, 3D transitions, subtitles, and more. You can share your video on YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox, and other platforms right from the app. 

Cost: There’s a free version that exports videos with a watermark. The Premium version costs $39.99/year.


Creating high-quality training videos can be a challenge. However, with the use of video production software, the job becomes far easier. With the right tool for your needs, you’ll be able to make the content that your learners will love. So look through these apps, pick the best one for you, and start creating instructional videos!

Which tool are you most excited to try first? Let us know in the comments below!

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