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Case Study: Making Lean Six Sigma Trainings with Quizzes

3 minutes
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My name is Olga and I am a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt for a medical device company in California.



It all started from one of our goals of providing basic Lean Six Sigma training to our global employees, which we called White Belt training. I wanted to provide training that could be accessed everywhere, that had some quizzes on it, had interactions available for the employees, and so that I could be notified when the training was completed.

The training material was already done. I had my PowerPoint presentation. All I needed was the software to make my training how I wanted.


I reviewed the top software packages. Some kept crashing my computer and some were just not that simple to use. I decided on iSpring for the capabilities, ease of use, and a key advantage: the phone technical support, there for you whenever you needed it.

The second part was the voice; I wanted to have a voice on the training, and I did not have the time to do the recording myself, nor the money to hire someone to do the voice recording.

And that is when I found Speech-Over! What a cool tool! Ok, so the voices are a bit robotic, but, the ease of use and the easy way you can make changes to the recording is fast and easy. You just type in your edits and that is it!

I found both iSpring and Speech-Over by searching the web for solutions. I have now several trainings completed: LSS White Belt, LSS Yellow Belt, and the Green Belt Test (as a quiz).

The sales department also acquired a license, as they needed global sales training and they also wanted some of the same features I was originally looking for. They had to take my training themselves and reached out to me for advice.

The support team at iSpring is really fast in responding, they can guide you through a phone call or through e-mail. They are friendly and respectful, and always are ready to get back to you in a timely manner. They helped me a lot in meeting my deadline.

I would recommend iSpring and Speech-Over to anyone who needs interactive training, requires voiceovers, and does not have the time or budget to hire a professional.

Do you have an iSpring success story you’d like to share? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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