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Absorb LMS and iSpring Suite Compatibility

iSpring Suite fully supports the most popular LMS content standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5. We thoroughly tested which of these standards are supported by Absorb LMS. Please find below a summary of how Absorb LMS works with iSpring content.

Absorb LMS gives administrators options to schedule and automate much of the routine work other LMSs require from their admins. The Absorb learner dashboard and course modules allow users to simply and intuitively login and start training.

Absorb LMS is designed to work and learn on any mobile device. From desktops to tablets or smartphones, Absorb LMS is optimized for all of them and translated into more than twenty languages. This allows learners to train on a schedule that works best for them.

The HTML5 user interface of Absorb LMS provides an engaging and effective learner experience regardless of whether content is accessed from traditional computers, tablets such as iPads, or smartphones. Rather than shrinking down a standard desktop interface to fit smaller screens of mobile devices, Absorb LMS adapts to different screen sizes as well as vertical and horizontal orientations.

Absorb LMS allows course builders to create a training course that will keep their learners engaged and progressing forward. Moreover, this LMS supports all versions of SCORM, AICC and the nextgen e-Learning format - xAPI.

Compatibility with iSpring

iSpring format Level of support
SCORM 1.2 Excellent
SCORM 2004 Excellent
AICC Excellent
xAPI Excellent


How to upload an iSpring course to Absorb LMS

Step-by-step guide on how to add a course to Absorb LMS. Log in to your LMS as an admin or publisher and follow these instructions.


Need help with integration?

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