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Create interactive courses and quizzes right in PowerPoint with iSpring SCORM software.

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Course builder works perfectly with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004

iSpring-made courses are compatible with all classic and modern eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can) and cmi5. Compatibility with LMSs is manually verified by iSpring technical experts.

Detailed reports and direct upload are available with iSpring Learn LMS, which supports SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 perfectly.

Build SCORM courses and quizzes from your content, fast!

Enjoy the simplicity of course creation: develop SCORM content right in the already-familiar PowerPoint environment.

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Slide-Based Courses

Create presentation‑based courses for any device. Populate PowerPoint slides with text and images, add audio and video, and set up transitions, animations, and triggers to make a course interactive.

Slide-based Course in iSpring Suite

Interactive Quiz and Survey Maker

Build interactive assessments ready for all devices. Choose from 14 question templates, enhance your quizzes with media and branching scenarios, and get insightful reports to track learners’ performance.

Interactive quiz

Audio and Video Narrations

Enhance your SCORM courses with audio narrations and talking head videos. You can import audio and video or record it right in iSpring Suite, and sync it with your presentation in a built-in editor.

Audio and video narration

Screencasts and Tutorials

With iSpring's course builder, you can quickly create short video lessons and screen captures. For example, show your learners how to work with a certain tool step by step.

Screencast and Tutorials

Dialogue Simulations

Easily turn your scripts into conversation simulations to train and assess the communication skills of your employees or students.

Dialog simulations


Use ready-made interactive modules to engage your online learners. You can easily create a reference book, a glossary, a product catalog, or a timeline.



Turn your Word and PDF files into SCORM courses that look like interactive e-books with a realistic pageflip effect.


Content Library

Boost your productivity with a huge collection of ready-made assets for your courses. Choose from cutout people, backgrounds, course templates, icons, navigation elements, and more.

Content library

Responsive eLearning Courses

Train your learners on the go with mobile‑ready SCORM courses. Because content automatically adapts to screen size and orientation, courses look great on any device: desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Responsive eLearning course

How to create a SCORM course step by step

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Make a course in PowerPoint

Populate your PPT presentation with all the necessary content.

Enhance a course
with iSpring

Create a quiz, video lecture, dialog simulation, or an interactive module.

Publish a course to SCORM

Select SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 and click Publish.

See interactive demos made
with iSpring's SCORM software


Space Shuttle

This interactive course will help you learn more about the American Space Shuttle program. All PowerPoint animations, links, videos, and web objects are kept intact, and there's an engaging quiz at the end.


Nervous System

From muscle coordination to emotional processing, this interactive course will give you a deep overview of how the Nervous System works. And the progress checks will help you consolidate your knowledge.


Creating a Podcast

In this video lecture, Rick Zanotti explains how to create a podcast: what tools you need, and how to deal with budget and time issues, and make your podcast look professional.



This interactive quiz about the highest mountain in the world was made in iSpring QuizMaker. Take this test to check your knowledge and learn something new about Mount Everest!


Car Sale Dialogue

This interactive branching scenario was created with iSpring TalkMaster. Imagine that you're a car salesperson, and try to seal the deal with a walk-in customer.

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