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How to Get Started Working From Home

In this short course, you'll get helpful tips on how to stay productive and maintain effective relationships with your team while working remotely. Plus, you'll learn two simple, yet effective techniques for beating procrastination and staying focused on your tasks.


Proper Nutrition for Beginners

Our eating habits can make us feel happy or unhappy with our bodies and ourselves. And we are responsible for this and can change it if we wish. This course presents an engaging, encouraging, and exciting way to learn about healthy eating.


How to Make the Perfect Omelet

Take this beautiful course and master the art of making a delicious omelet with our chef! The course is made in the style of a game and includes a small theory section, interactive tasks, a quiz, and a dialogue simulation.


Solar System Course

The question that has always concerned mankind is how the Universe we are living in originated. How many planets are there? How did they appear? What are the planets made of? All these questions will be easily answered after viewing this solar system course.


Fire safety course

This course is designed to provide employers and workers with the rules of behavior during a fire. In this course, you'll learn the common causes of a fire, what measures you need to take in case of fire in the workplace, and how to handle a fire in the office. Interactive quizzes will help you better retain the safety rules.


Space Shuttle Course

How much do you know about space shuttles? The Space Shuttle program was the United States government’s space program from 1981 to 2011, and during these years, 5 shuttles from the program spent over 1,330 days in space. Curious to know more? Then take the Space Shuttle course!


The Anatomy of the Digestive System

Eating and drinking are, of course, two of the great pleasures of life. But have you ever thought about how complicated the digestion process really is? This striking presentation will let you learn more about the winding road that our food must follow through the many complex structures of the digestive system.


The Anatomy of the Nervous System

How about puzzling out the body’s most complex system? After viewing this cool Anatomy course, you’ll learn much more about the various vital functions of the Nervous System, ranging from muscle coordination to emotional processing.


The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is the world's foremost sports competition with over 200 nations taking part. Their creation was inspired by the Olympic Games originally held in ancient Greece. How knowledgeable are you about the Olympic Games? Take this quiz with a branching scenario and find out.


Revision Resource on Myeloid Leukemia

This interactive eLearning revision resource about myeloid leukemia was created by Anna Leicester, a Faculty of Life Sciences graduate of The University of Manchester. Audio narrations, synchronized with the course's slides and animations, help learners better understand the subject. The resource also includes an interactive quiz which can assess learners' knowledge.

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Video Lectures

Video narration

Lecture “How to prepare for a call”

Take a look at this video lesson from the course "Phone sales" that explains how to prepare for a call to a customer. iSpring's video studio was used to edit a teacher's video and support it with annotations and effects.

Video narration

Creating a Podcast Training

Creating your own podcast: how hard is it? What gear and software do you need and what process should you follow to create professional-looking podcasts while meeting time and budget constraints? With over seven years of podcasting experience, Rick Zanotti knows all the answers.


The Basic Rules of Merchandising

There are three basic merchandising rules that help display goods effectively and drive sales in a store. Take this SCORM quiz to see if you understand these rules and are able to grab buyers' attention!

First Aid Quiz

Do you know how to perform CPR? Are you able to help someone who is in cardiac arrest? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about first aid to feel more confident in case of an emergency.

Vegas Quiz

Think you know everything about that shining neon jewel of the desert, Las Vegas? Test your knowledge of Vegas history, lore, and attractions with this iSpring quiz!

Mt. Everest Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of the highest mountain in the world? Take this engaging test on Mount Everest made with iSpring QuizMaker and you might just learn something new!

New Orleans Quiz

Welcome to the Big Easy! New Orleans is a major United States port and the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Some people call New Orleans the most unique city in America. Do you want to know why? Take this quiz and find out.

Orlando Quiz

Welcome to Orlando - The City Beautiful! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this SCORM quiz demo is a great way to check how well you know the city. Answer a few questions about Orlando’s history, nature, and sights and have fun learning some new facts!

Dialogue simulations

Car Sale Dialogue

You are a car salesman trying to finesse a test drive out of a walk-in customer. See how this scenario created with iSpring TalkMaster challenges you to use tact, know-how, and just a bit of aggressiveness to seal the deal.

Bank Dialogue

You are a bank hotline employee that has just received a call from a distraught customer who seems to be missing some money from his account. Do you have what it takes to calm the customer down and get to the bottom of the issue?


How to Present a Car: The Six Points Method

A six-point presentation is a sales technique that allows a salesperson to demonstrate all the features of a car from six different positions. This interactive guide helps salespeople explore the method and find out what information they should provide at every position.

Cheese Selection Guide

This interactive cheese selection guide will help new sales assistants learn more about the cheeses available in their store. Each card contains the picture of the cheese and a detailed description of its taste and other characteristics.

Dealing with An Angry Customer: 5 Simple Steps for Call Center Agents

A call center agent should not only know the product perfectly, but also be able to deal with negative emotions. This interaction offers five simple rules that will help call center agents work with angry customers.

How to Create A Training Video: 5 Simple Steps

These step-by-step instructions will help you create an effective training video on your own that will be more professional and of greater value to your audience.

Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals helps to increase the chances of achieving your business and personal goals in a timely manner. Check out this demo and learn how to set your goals using this technique.

The Deming Cycle (PDCA)

A Deming cycle is an iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continual improvement of processes and products. Click on any part of the cycle to learn about its characteristics.

FAQ for New Sales Assistants in Extreme Sports

This FAQ was created for new sales assistants at the Extreme Sport store. Maybe you want to know how wages are calculated? Or do you have questions about the company dress code? Answers to these and more questions are in this FAQ.

Six Oceans Company History

From a small backyard business into an international clothing manufacturer: how did they do it? Explore the history of Six Oceans on this interactive timeline.

Creating A Brand Wheel

A brand essence wheel is a popular marketing concept that symbolizes what the brand stands for in the minds of a company’s clients and stakeholders. This circle interaction allows you to explore each layer of the wheel.

Cleaner Pro-15 Vacuum Cleaner Training

How does this spray cleaner work? How many nozzles does it have? Where does the water come from? With this interactive guide, sales assistants will know the answers to all possible client questions.

Bright Mind Office Tour

Welcome to Bright Mind! This interactive office tour was created to guide new employees through the office and describe each location.

Online Store Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a series of steps your clients go through as they move from their first visit to your website to making an actual purchase. Here, you’ll learn what the main tiers of the sales funnel are.


Top 10 Inventions that Changed the World

This interactive book will guide you through the top ten inventions of all time. From the wheel to the Internet, they completely transformed human life and made our world better.

5 Ways to Launch Product Knowledge Training

Five different methods to deploy product knowledge training in a company with their advantages, disadvantages, and out-of-pocket costs.

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