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Perfect Integration with PowerPoint Effects

iSpring Suite integrates seamlessly with PowerPoint. It helps you turn a simple presentation into an e-course with tests, simulations, and other interactions, and carefully preserves all the PowerPoint effects.

It doesn’t matter what kind of text styles, transitions, or complex animations you use in PowerPoint — the final course will play exactly the way you planned it.

189 of 199 animations

iSpring maintains all PowerPoint animations, their combinations, direction, timing, and triggers intact.

Buttons and hyperlinks

All hyperlinks and internal navigation elements such as tables of content, footnotes, and glossaries will work after conversion into an e-course.

Text styles, table styles, and SmartArt

All objects retain their size, position, style, color, and other formatting when the course is published.

48 transition effects

iSpring Suite supports all PowerPoint transition effects, including complex 3D transitions.

Mobile Learning

You don’t need to do any extra work by manually tweaking the course for different devices. When you publish your content with iSpring Suite, it plays perfectly on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Adaptive player & content

Content, buttons, controls, and course panels adjust to the screen size; that’s why text and images look perfect on any device.

Gestures support

Learners can tap, swipe, or zoom elements when using their smartphones and tablets.

Preview mode

Use the Preview mode before publishing your course to check out how it’ll look on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Deliver training across all devices

You can launch mobile learning in your company in record time with iSpring Learn LMS. Just upload your courses in a couple of clicks and invite your employees - and that’s it! Learners can take courses on the go and you get insightful reports on their performance.

Mobile app

iSpring Play, the free mobile app for iOS and Android, lets learners download content to their devices and study it at any time, even offline.


Tests for Learning, Assessment & Skills Practice

iSpring QuizMaker allows you to create quizzes for learning, knowledge check, and skill building, and conduct surveys to get feedback from learners.

14 question types

Perform accurate knowledge checks with versatile question types: from simple multiple choice and matching to hotspots, word banks, and drag-and-drops.

Drag-and-drop questions

Engage users in the learning process and help them train their skills with drag-and-drop activities. Ask your learners to sort or place objects in a certain area or place them in the right order. For instance, complete a course for merchandisers with the task of using a proper layout of goods in the store.

Test design

Use the visual editor to customize quiz design. Just like in PowerPoint, you can easily adjust fonts, layout, and color schemes for questions, and add images, shapes, and text labels.

Detailed feedback

Provide feedback for correct and incorrect answers: you can configure it for each question or the whole test or turn it off with just one click. Use images, formulas, and audio to explain the answer in detail.

Info slides

Enrich tests with slides containing extra info on the subject. You can add texts, photos, and videos or insert a whole article on the topic.

Testing rules customization

You can configure points and penalties, limit the number of attempts, and limit the time allowed to answer each question. Fine-tune testing rules and collect test results in your learning portal.

Collecting results

Enable quiz results to be automatically sent to an email or server, or configure JavaScript to forward the results to your learning management system. You can also customize the result email for learners. You decide whether to send them only points scored or provide a detailed report with correct answers and comments on each question.

Scoring rules

Fine-tune scoring rules: set a general passing score or grant points for each question, give penalties for mistakes, and limit the number of attempts and time for passing tests.

Random question choice

If your test contains questions on different topics, you can structure the questions and combine them into groups. Set up a random choice of groups or questions from each group and shuffle them so every learner takes a unique test.


Set up branching scenarios that depend on each learner’s answers. For example, forward the learner to a slide with additional information if the answer was incorrect; otherwise, go on with the next question.

Dialog Simulations for Practicing Customer-Facing Scenarios

Use conversation simulations for sales training and practicing dealing with customers in various situations.

Branched scenarios

Each dialog scene consists of a question and various replies. Create multiple endings that depend on each learner’s answers and train their communication skills.

Collection of backgrounds and characters

Cherry pick a character with the proper emotion and select a location that will match your learning scenario best. You can use the built-in collection or add your own images.

Dialog voice-over

Add voice-overs to the character speech and fully simulate a real-life conversation.

Evaluation of simulation results

Award points for the right answers and exact penalties for mistakes. Learners will earn or lose points at each scene, and the final score will accurately show how they’ve mastered their communication skills.

Audio & Video Narration

Create an instructor presence in your e-course. Audio or video narration engages users in training and helps them digest learning content better.

Audio and video recording

You can record audio or video narration right in iSpring Suite and edit it in the built-in editor.

Synchronization with slides and animations

Add audio or video to the editor and synchronize it with slides and animations.

Audio & Video editor

The built-in audio and video studio allows you to edit recordings quickly without using third-party software. You can cut out failed fragments, remove noise, or adjust the volume.

Screencasts & Video Tutorials

Record screencasts and talking-head videos to create engrossing video lessons. For instance, teach employees how to use a CRM or make a video tutorial on sales techniques.


Picture-in-picture screencasts

You can record video from your screen and webcam simultaneously to provide a screencast with live video comments. Show both videos at the same time or switch between them.

Visual hints

iSpring Suite detects when you use hotkeys, enter text, or click, and automatically adds tooltips for these actions to the screencast. You can easily show how to use software, explain the meaning of options and buttons, or teach the correct order of actions.

Video courses

Interactive canvas just like PowerPoint slides

Now you can add videos, images, text blocks, and shapes, and edit them on the canvas, just as in PowerPoint.

Title screens and annotations

Start a video course with a bright and compelling intro or add slides with highlights to any fragment of your video. You can use pre-made images or create annotations, graphs, and captions right in the video editor.

Multi-track timeline for audio and video

There’s an unlimited number of tracks, so you can add as many layers as you need. With iSpring Suite, you can merge videos from multiple tracks, add audio, and even show two videos at the same time.

Seamless transitions between scenes

Smooth out the transitions between videos, info slides, and photos. You can adjust transition effects to make the images ripple into videos, and videos smoothly flow back into images.

Interaction Templates for Effective Presentation

There are 14 interactions in iSpring Suite for use in a huge variety of training situations. For example, interactions will help you explain a recruitment process, sales funnel, or configuration of complex equipment.

14 ready-made templates

Turn your diagrams, instructions, and catalogs into interactive e-courses. Simply choose the template you need and add text and images.

Voice-overs for interactions

Add a voice-over and turn the interactive template into a live lesson. You can upload an audio file from your computer or record it right in iSpring Suite.

Color scheme adjustment

You can easily change the colors of any interactive elements: buttons, controls, shapes, and players to match your company’s brandbook.

Interactive e-books from PDF and Word documents

Convert original Word, PDF, and PPT files into e-books with vivid pageflip animations. You’ll get a responsive book that opens both on desktops and mobile devices of all sorts. Upload the book to your LMS, share it with your learners, and get detailed statistics on how they read.

Content Library for Rapid Course Creation

This is a huge collection of resources: templates for various learning situations, bright themes, characters, locations, icons, and buttons — everything you need for effective course creation.


The iSpring Suite Content Library includes a collection of characters of different ages, ethnicities, and occupations. Each character has up to 500 shots expressing different emotions from various angles. Just choose the character that fits your needs and paste into the course.

Slide templates

Choose a template from the collection, add your content, data, and images, and then change its color scheme to match your corporate style. Each template includes basic course elements: a title slide, a table of contents, chapters, a timeline, and info slides.

Locations and interior items

The iSpring Suite collection includes realistic backgrounds for different learning scenarios. There are photos of stores, offices, banks, hospitals, and classrooms. You can also find images of interior items, electronic devices, and office supplies.

Icons, buttons, and controls

There’s a collection of 643 icons and controls: buttons, switches, indicators, checkboxes, and more. All the controls have a cohesive design, so it’s easy to combine them.

Course Structure & Navigation

iSpring Suite has handy features for managing course structure and extra resources. You can specify presenters, restrict navigation, and configure branching.

Slide properties

You can set the duration of each slide, advance slides on click or automatically, add nesting levels, change the layout, and add a playlist.

Navigation and branching

Use branching to control users’ paths in the course. For example, you can prevent learners from going back to previous slides, or make their progress within the course depend on their actions.

Presentation resources

Add presenters’ info, your company logo, and links to extra resources to your presentation. You can also attach files on the topic of the course, e.g., instructions, articles, and videos.

Customizable Player

Make the player match your corporate style or the course's topic. You can customize the player’s panels, pick a proper layout, and adjust colors, buttons, and text labels.

Universal player

Choose the layout that fits your course best. You can show only slides or use a built-in template, like a business presentation or online video lecture.

50/50 Video lecture player

Bring together the presentation and presenter video to create an impactful video lecture. Learners can easily change the relative size of each while watching, choosing to focus on either the course material or the instructor.


iSpring Suite makes it quick and easy to publish a course in a web-friendly format and upload it to your website or learning system.

Publishing to HTML5

Publish courses in HTML5 format to make them available for studying from any screen: PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Publishing to a learning management system

Learning content created with iSpring meets all the modern eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (all versions), AICC, xAPI (Tin Can), and cmi5.

Publishing to iSpring Cloud

You can upload the final course to iSpring Cloud and share a shortlink with stakeholders and colleagues.

4 levels of content protection

Protect your content with a password, limit time for access, add a watermark, and/or grant access only from certain domains.

Section 508 Compliance

To make your quizzes available for visually impaired learners, publish them in the accessibility mode. It features a high-contrast minimalist design and works perfectly with screen readers.

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