Rapid development of PowerPoint-based courses

Turn your PowerPoint slides into professional training courses with tests, video narrations, screencasts, interactive elements, and much more.

Maximize the capabilities of PowerPoint

You can use a presentation of any complexity as a basis for an e-course. iSpring Suite carefully preserves all effects after converting your PowerPoint into a Flash or HTML5 course, including transitions, complex animations, and triggers.


Create beautiful slides

All the objects that you have inserted on your PowerPoint slides will be kept intact. iSpring Suite pays particular attention to the accurate representation of colors, fonts, and shapes, and the crisp quality of images and videos.


Use animations and triggers

All the animation effects that make your presentation dynamic and interactive will be saved, including animations by letter and word, combined animations, and even triggers.
See the full list of supported animations


Add slide transitions

iSpring Suite supports all slide transition effects, so when you create the framework for your course, you can use any transition effects you like without a second thought.
See the full list of supported transitions

Adjust the structure of the entire presentation in one window

iSpring Suite has a special mode for adjusting the structure of the presentation, where you can create a hierarchy of slides, specify the duration of the slide show, control the navigation, and more.

Courses play on any device

iSpring Suite allows you to create educational materials in Flash and HTML5 formats, which play perfectly on any device.

Windows PC

Apple Mac

Android Tablet

Adaptive Design

With iSpring Suite, you do not need to create multiple versions of the course for different devices. Thanks to the adaptive player, all the navigational elements of the course are automatically adjusted to the size and orientation of the device’s screen. All your training materials will comfortably display on computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

Preview your courses on different devices

Before publishing, you can be sure that your course plays back perfectly on any device. Just use the preview function on different screens: mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Templates and assets for fast e-Learning authoring

The rich and diverse collection of ready-to-use elements helps you develop courses in minimal time. It packs templates for various types of learning tasks, photographic characters and backgrounds, icons, buttons, and navigation elements.

Course Templates

Build your courses in a snap with ready-to-use templates – take advantage of pro-designed course essentials: title slides, course menus, timelines, chapters, and other elements you may need.

Photographic Characters

Interact with your learners on a more personal level. iSpring Suite includes a wide collection of characters of different ages and professions; each has over 400 expressions and poses. Simply select a character from the library and add it to your course.

Backgrounds and Interior Items

Supplement your course topic with a matching background. A large collection of photos is at your fingertips! The assets include images of classrooms, offices, shops, hospitals, – any location you may need for your course. You can pick one of the ready-to-go backgrounds, or design your own setting. Use a variety of graphic objects to do it: furniture, interior accessories and decorations, electronic devices, and much more.

Icons, buttons and navigation controls

Give your courses a polished and professional look with the iSpring set of icons and controls, including checkboxes, radio buttons, indicators, sliders, and buttons. All elements belong together, and whichever way you combine them, they’re always consistent across the course.

Even more templates, characters, backgrounds and icons in the full version

iSpring Suite includes a limited set of assets. Subscribe to the iSpring Content Library to enjoy the full collection.

Check out the full version of the iSpring Content Library

Insert audio and video narrations

Share your knowledge of the course material with audio and/or video narrations, which you can perfectly synchronize with your slides.

Add audio narrations

Import audio or record a voice over right in iSpring Suite, then synchronize it with your slides and even animations. The built-in microphone setup wizard will help you select and adjust the best recording device type.

Add video narrations

To add video narrations, you can import your pre-recorded lectures, reports or presentations, or just record a video right from your webcam with the built-in recording tool.

Built-in audio/video editor

Edit your course narrations in the new audio and video editor. In just a couple of clicks, you can remove a fragment of your audio and video, remove background noise, fade and adjust volume, and much more.

Special player for video lectures

The Video Lecture Player was designed specifically for courses with video narrations. iSpring Suite allows you to choose the optimal ratio of the size of the video and presentation, correctly placing the emphasis between them.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your training with quizzes and surveys

Evaluate students' level of knowledge, and check the performance of your courses with interactive tests and surveys.

23 question types

For the most complete and efficient evaluations, choose from 11 graded and 12 survey questions.

Question groups

Perform comprehensive testing on a variety of topics, combining questions on the same topic in one group.

Audio and video questions

Add media files to your questions: audio, video, and Flash movies.

Insert formulas

Easily insert mathematical formulas into questions and answers.

Adjust question design

With iSpring Suite, you can customize the display of each question: select a layout, choose the color, add animations, and adjust the display of video and images inserted in your questions.

Adjust feedback design

Make your feedback messages unique and memorable. Customize colors and enrich them with images, formulas and audio, which can be recorded right in iSpring Suite.

Use branching scenarios

Increase the efficiency of your tests with branching scenarios: each student will take his/her own route with the maximum benefit. Set the branching so that for correct answers, students will be taken to the next task, and for wrong answers, to an information slide.

Flexible scoring system

The program allows you to set a score for each of the answer choices, or configure the same points for all questions, taking into account partially correct answers, and assigning penalties for wrong answers.

Set conditions for passing the test

You can simplify or complicate the conditions for passing the test: set the number of attempts to answer each question or pass the test, and limit the response time for each question or for the entire test.

Create training screencasts

Record training videos in iSpring Suite fast and easy with the integrated iSpring Cam and add them to your course.

A complete set of functions for fast screen recording

The built-in iSpring Cam includes a complete set of functions for screen recording, such as audio recording, cursor highlighting, mouse click sound effects, and hotkeys for easy management of the recording process.

Video editor

Edit your screencasts using an integrated video editor: delete fragments of video, remove background noise and adjust the volume of the audio narration.

Screencast export options

Export your screencast immediately to the desired location: save it as an MP4 video on your hard drive, insert it on a PowerPoint slide, or upload it to YouTube in just one click.

Insert screencast into your course

In just one click, add your screen recording directly onto a slide of your course.

Save as MP4 video

Save your screencast in MP4 video format and use it as standalone training material.

Upload to YouTube

Upload your screencast to your YouTube channel right from the iSpring Suite interface.

Train communication skills using simulated dialogues

Put your course takers in realistic working situations to help them practice their communication skills with clients and associates.

Build a dialog scenario

TalkMaster’s intuitive user interface lets you create various scenes and add links between them, building a branched conversation scenario.

Integrated media library

To design a scene, you just need to choose a character from the collection, change his/her emotion, and set a background scene for the appropriate surroundings.

Add custom characters & backgrounds

iSpring TalkMaster 8.1 allows you to add your own characters and backgrounds to make dialog simulations more realistic and engaging. You can use photos of your colleagues to put the learner in a familiar environment.

Enhance dialogues with voiceovers

Make your dialogue simulations truly realistic by adding voiceovers. You can record them for a narrator, character, and reply choices, or simply bulk import ready audio narrations.

Assess your learners with dialogue simulations

Simulations are good for both practicing and evaluating communication skills. To assess your learners flexibly and precisely, assign points for correct responses and penalties for inaccurate ones. As your learners make their choices through a conversation, they earn or lose points at each step, and the final score reveals how well they’ve mastered soft skills. The simulation can report learners’ activities to an LMS, or send results to an email or a server.

Add stunning interactions

Discover new ways to make your courses exciting and unusual – present learning materials in the form of engaging interactions: Book, Timeline, Directory or FAQ.


Provide information in the form of an e-book with page turning effects. Simply place the text of your lecture in the book, then add images and characters.


Use the Timeline interaction to visualize the chronology of historical events. The scale can be divided into several periods in which you can add events.


Create an interactive glossary or index using the Directory template. Create pages with images, audio and video to be combined into a list with an alphanumeric index.


Consolidate common questions into one interactive module. Answers to the questions can be supplemented with pictures, video and audio.

Enhance your course with rich media

Add a variety of media files to your course from your computer, or that you’ve found on the Internet. They will help you better describe the topic of the course and make learning incredibly fascinating.

Insert videos from the Internet

Complement your course with interesting videos from YouTube or Vimeo. iSpring Suite allows you to add a video from the Internet directly onto a slide of your course in just a couple of clicks.

Add Flash videos

In just a couple of clicks, you can insert a Flash-movie (.swf or .flv) onto a slide your course.

Embed a webpage in your course

Embed any page from the Internet on a slide of your course, or set it to open in a separate window when clicked.

Attach files and links

Attach additional resources with useful materials to your course: links to Web pages and .pdf, .xls, and .jpg files.

Configure the course player

To maximize your users’ comfort while studying, add a player with convenient navigation and, if necessary, adjust the configuration of all of its panels, buttons and labels.

Select a player template

Use a ready-made player template or create your own, enabling or disabling additional panels.

Pick a color scheme

Pick a color scheme for the player that blends well with your course, and save the color scheme for later use.

Customize navigation

For convenient course navigation, add a side panel with a list of slides, seekbar, navigation buttons, and much more.

Add presenter information

Add information about the course author, company, and current speaker. This information can be shown in the sidebar, or can be made available by clicking on a button on the top panel.

Translate the player into any language

iSpring Suite allows you to edit all the standard texts that are used in the player: button labels, captions, and pop-up messages.

Fast course publishing

iSpring Suite converts your course to HTML5, Flash, or MP4 format, so you can share it over the Internet or a learning management system.

Conversion to Flash, HTML5, and MP4

Let your learners choose on which device to study the course: iSpring Suite allows you to convert courses to HTML5, Flash, and MP4 video formats for universal compatibility. In addition, you can convert a course simultaneously to two formats: Flash and HTML5. In this case, the course adapts to the device on which it is playing. If your device has Flash installed, then it will run the Flash version; if not, it will run the HTML5.

Control the size of the output file

You can use the standard conversion settings which are ideal for most presentations. Or, if you want to reduce the size of the output file, you can adjust the compression settings for all images, video, and audio inserted into the course.

Upload your course to an LMS

Courses created with iSpring Suite are ready for publishing to any learning management system. Simply select the standard that your LMS supports: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, or 4th edition), AICC, Blackboard, cmi5, or Experience API (Tin Can API).

Course protection

Protect your course against unauthorized access. iSpring Suite offers 4 levels of content protection: add a watermark and password, limit the days your course can be accessed, and the number of domains that can play the course.

Section 508

iSpring Suite supports Section 508, so your training courses are accessible for people with disabilities. Learn more

Free Play Mobile App

iSpring Play is a free mobile app that allows learners to access your content anytime, anywhere, even with no Internet connection.

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