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Key advantages of video lectures

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Before you start creating e-Learning courses, explore the advantages of video presentations in teaching and training. This will help you make video lectures even more effective.

1. Easy to access anytime

With video lectures, your students can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones. Just make sure the format of your lecture is supported on all devices.

An unsupported file format can become a nasty surprise when it comes to playing your lecture on an iPad or other popular device. iSpring Suite offers the perfect solution – it creates video lectures in the combined Flash & HTML5 format, so you can play your lecture in all browsers and mobile devices.

2. Learn whenever you want

Let your students enjoy the process of learning whenever they want. Just upload your video lectures online and send your students a link.

3. Learning at an individual pace

Every teacher knows that each student has his own pace of learning. With video lectures, all students can learn at their own individual pace, which will maximize the results of e-Learning.

4. Many ways to use

Video lectures are widely recognized as a type of distance learning. However, you can also use them in your in-class teaching. Such an innovative approach to teaching will engage your student and encourage your colleagues.

5. Easy to deliver

You can provide students with unlimited access to all your learning materials by uploading video lectures to the Web or LMS. Alternatively, you can create a CD or send your lecture by email.

For instance, iSpring Suite just takes a single click of your mouse to publish the created video lecture to one of these destinations.

6. More effective learning

If a student happens to miss one of your lectures, you can send him the link to the lecture video (or simply make regular posts on your blog or website for all students to access at their convenience). This allows all your students to keep up with the curriculum.

7. Opportunity for self-study

In your interactive video lecture, you can refer to more useful materials and resources for self-study. Also, you can record an additional lecture that complements in-class activities.

8. Chance for self-testing

Video lectures can be especially useful for the teacher himself. Using the recording of the lecture, the teacher can take a look at his presenting skills to find out what can be improved.

See this example of an effective video presentation made with iSpring Suite:

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