How to Preserve Non-Standard Fonts in iSpring Cloud

Fonts in a presentation uploaded to iSpring Cloud may be different from the original fonts that you used in PowerPoint.


font: Lobster

iSpring Cloud

font: Arial (substituted)

It may happen if you use non-standard fonts in your PowerPoint presentation and upload the .pptx file using the iSpring Cloud web interface. Usually, these fonts are not embedded into the .pptx file and they are automatically substituted for a standard font on the website.

The same thing will happen if you send a PowerPoint presentation with non-standard fonts (not embedded) to another user, so this is a common font problem rather than an iSpring Cloud problem. Let’s see how to resolve it.


There are several ways to keep your original fonts on the web:

  1. Use iSpring authoring tools to publish your presentations to iSpring Cloud. That will embed all fonts automatically.

  2. Embed fonts into your PowerPoint presentation (you also need to remove read-only attributes from your font files) and upload using the iSpring Cloud web interface.

How to embed fonts in PowerPoint

First, remove the read-only attribute from the font file so it can be embedded:

  1. Log in as Administrator to perform these actions.

  2. Open File Explorer and go to C:\Windows\Fonts.

  3. Find the font that you used in your presentation (e.g., Lobster Regular).

  4. Right-click the font and select Properties.

  5. Make sure that the Read-only checkbox is unselected and click OK.

  6. Go to the Details tab. Make sure that Font embeddability is set to Installable or Editable. Otherwise, you cannot embed it.

Embed the font in a presentation

  1. Open the presentation that you want to upload.

  2. On the File menu, click Save As.

  3. Click Tools in the bottom-right corner of the window, and select Save Options.

  4. In the PowerPoint options window, select Embed fonts in the file. Click OK. Select Embed all characters to embed all character sets of the font you are using if you want the users to be able to download and edit your file.

  5. Click on OK and save the presentation.

Now that the fonts are embedded in your .pptx file, you can upload it to iSpring Cloud using the web interface and keep all the fonts displayed exactly as in PowerPoint.

Non-standard font in iSpring Cloud

Note: The file size can grow dramatically if you embed all font characters. Each font can take up to several megabytes of the overall published presentation size.

Other font issues

Some commercial fonts are protected with DRM and are not available for embedding. In this case, please choose another font; there is no simple and legal workaround.

Also, some downloaded fonts might contain errors in the charset, so they will not be processed correctly either. This is a rare occasion though.

If you are still having problems with fonts in your iSpring Cloud, please contact us at

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