What's the difference between a Business and an Educational License?
A Business License grants you the right to use iSpring Suite on one office computer and one home PC or laptop for commercial purposes.
Does iSpring Converter preserve fonts and styles of slide notes?
After conversion to HTML5, the font of slide notes will be changed to a default font (Arial). However, iSpring Converter preserves colors, sizes and styles of slide notes.
Why doesn't my browser play 3D transitions effects?
Opera and Internet Explorer 9 browsers don’t provide CSS 3D transformations support. If you are playing your HTML5 presentation in one of these browsers, 3D transition effects will be replaced with similar 2D effects. (Learn more)
Why do fonts and styles look different when playing my HTML5 presentation on an iPad?
When you are creating your PowerPoint presentation on Windows OS, styles (i.e. bold, italic) for certain fonts are generated by the OS itself. In this case, the styles of these fonts will not be preserved when your HTML5 presentation is played on an iPad, since iOS can’t reproduce these styles.
Why several multimedia files can't play simultaneously in my HTML5 presentation on an iPad?
The issue occurs because iOS of your iPad uses a so-called ‘singleton’ media player. This means that you can't play audio and video together, or several audio and video files simultaneously. Say, you launch a video file while audio is still playing. In this case audio playback will be stopped.