Where can I get the version number and license key of my iSpring SDK?
There 3 ways how you can check the version of your copy of iSpring SDK
Is it possible to control iSpring SDK generated files from the Flex application that uses ActionScript 3.0?
iSpring SDK version 6 and later provides the PPT to Flash SDK for AS3 component that allows to generate Flash files in ActionScript 3.
Is it possible to have a button in a slide that can launch another file?
It is very easy to do this with PowerPoint and iSpring. On the PowerPoint toolbar, choose the "Insert" tab, then "Shapes" (or any other object you like), and then specify the hyperlink or any other external file for this button.
The video file in my Flash presentation doesn't play. Why?
You can insert video files of various formats into your presentation: .AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .MPEG, .ASF, .WMV.