Who is an active user?

A user is considered active if she/he has logged in at least once a month.

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Can I white label my iSpring Learn portal or put my branding instead?
Of course you can! You can create a new account name and URL so that users can see the name of your company, add your branding/logo, set the color theme with the cover image, change the language of your account, etc.
Can I change the default image to display behind the course name?

Yes, you can change both the cover image and thumbnail in the course settings, in the General tab.

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Can I change my account name?

You can change both your account name, URL, and even the domain name in the main settings of your iSpring Learn account. The account name and URL can be changed in one click, but if you need an extra domain name, please contact our support team: https://www.ispringsolutions.com/support/contact.

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Do I need to have a Zoom account to be able to run online meetings in iSpring Learn?

Yes, because you will be redirected to the Zoom authorization page when enabling Zoom in your iSpring Learn account. Webinars in iSpring Learn work only with a paid Zoom subscription.

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