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Online training software

Streamline online employee training with iSpring Learn LMS. Save money on instructor-led training, develop employees across all branches, and track performance on the fly.

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Launch online training software to boost your employees' productivity

Quickly build an online training program and get results — minus all the complex configuration and deployment headaches.

Create eLearning courses in a snap

Upload your materials to online training software in just one click and/or quickly craft courses, quizzes, and simulations from scratch.

How to add content to iSpring Learn LMS

Automate routine tasks

Assign training courses to your employees and the LMS will monitor due dates and send notifications.

  • 24/7 access from any device
  • No more annoying paperwork
  • Course completion certificates
Course structure in iSpring LMS

Monitor employee progress

Keep track of training completion rates and see if anyone needs additional training or special attention.

  • Employee assessments and surveys
  • Freeform assignments
  • 23 reports for tracking employee performance
Progress data in iSpring LMS

Put online employee training to work

Partner training


Help partners delve deeper into your company’s products, brand, and values, so everyone is on the same page about your product line, selling guides, and standards.

Partner certification

Put regular partner certification on autopilot with online assessments and granular reports, and monitor the quality of service across local chain stores.

Field training

Provide your partners with mobile training so they can take courses in the field and won’t have to be tied to their PCs or Wi-Fi connection.

Sales training

Soft skills training

Help your sales team train communication and negotiation skills in a risk-free environment using realistic dialogue simulations.

Product training

Equip your sales reps with the freshest data about your products and the industry so they can always have it in their pockets. This way, they will earn customers’ trust as experts.


Automate performance evaluation, get insightful reports on every sales rep, and see who has to expand their product knowledge or needs additional training to drive more sales.

Employee training

New-hire onboarding

Help new hires settle into the job faster by putting employee training online. This way, they won’t have to distract their colleagues by asking basic questions about standards and workflows.

Job-specific training

Turn job-specific employee training into an engaging experience, equip learners with up-to-date information, and create individual learning paths for different departments.

Compliance training

Take the boredom out of compliance, quickly update online training programs, and make sure all employees are always familiar with laws, standards, and regulations.

Easy-to-use online training software

Use a central training management hub

Pack your company’s expertise into a single knowledge base. With online employee training, everyone will always have the freshest data at hand and will be an expert in their field.

Lighten the load of mentors and senior employees

New employees will be able to find answers to frequently asked questions about your company and procedures in the LMS, and won’t distract senior employees from their tasks.

Get employees engaged in training

Help employees polish their skills using interactive tasks instead of dry instructions and bring a competitive spirit to your training with gamification.

Track employee performance in real time

Monitor employee training in every branch: track completion rates and see who’s missing classes, and whose online training program needs revision.

Deliver training across tablets and phones

Employees can have relevant data at hand and have training sessions right on their devices — even offline. And you will still get insights on their performance.

Save time and money on classroom training

Ditch instructors’ travel expenses, office space rentals, projectors, and other equipment — laptops and phones are sufficient for company-wide employee training.

Dedicated tech support

If you have questions about iSpring Learn LMS, our support professionals are always eager to assist you via phone, email, and chat, and get your issue resolved in hours, not days.

Customer success stories

See how companies across the globe leverage iSpring Learn to put their employee training to work.

  • Russell Sawchuk
    Russell Sawchuk The creator of Learning Nurse
  • Jill Brown
    Jill Brown Quality management coordinator at Villa St. Vincent
  • Kevin R. Baker
    Kevin R. Baker Nurse anesthetist and co-founder of APEX
  • Leslie Cutter
    Leslie Cutter Global digital marketing manager at Moxa Inc.
  • Lana Vinogradova
    Lana Vinogradova Head of eLearning Department at MW-Light
  • Junellen Neese
    Junellen Neese Corporate training manager at HealthHelp
  • Josephine Poelma
    Josephine Poelma Executive director of learning and development at Oticon, Inc.

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