File Upload Requirements for iSpring Cloud

There are two ways to upload presentations to your iSpring Cloud account:

  • The web interface at using a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE). An uploaded presentation will be automatically converted on the server side.

  • An iSpring authoring tool (Pro, Presenter, Suite, QuizMaker). The presentation will be converted on your computer and then uploaded to the cloud.

Although iSpring Cloud account plans don’t apply any limitations on the size of your presentations, there are some aspects to consider while uploading, especially via a browser.

Presentation file format requirements

iSpring Cloud supports .pptx, .ppt, .pps, .ppsx or .pptm presentation file formats for uploading. You can create a presentation in PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or Office 365 on Windows.

Also, you can create a presentation on Mac using PowerPoint 2011 or newer and upload it using the web interface. Note that iSpring desktop authoring tools cannot be used on a Mac OS (despite the fact it has PowerPoint), so you can’t upload presentations with them.

Size requirements

If you use your web browser to upload presentation files, it’s recommended that you upload small presentations (about 100 MB). Larger presentations will require significant time for processing. If it’s more than this size, it’s better to use the iSpring Cloud publishing option within your iSpring desktop authoring tool.

Protection options

If you apply PowerPoint protection options, your presentation cannot be uploaded to the iSpring web services. Don’t worry, iSpring is responsible for your content security when it’s on the Web.

The presentation protection options can be accessed in the FILE menu.
File Upload Requirements for iSpring Cloud

The possible protection options Mark as Final, Encrypt with Password, etc. are shown on the picture below:
File Upload Requirements for iSpring Cloud

Remove the protection options if they are applied, and then upload it to iSpring Cloud.

Embedded fonts

If your presentation has embedded fonts that are marked as Read-only, it cannot be uploaded and converted by iSpring Cloud to a web format because this process requires duplicating your original file.

Please get rid of the read-only fonts and try uploading again. Also, you can try to remove read-only attributes as shown on the Microsoft help documents.

Corrupted presentation file

Some presentation files become corrupted, in other words, saved with errors that can cause problems opening and reusing these files in the future. It happens under very rare circumstances, but still it can happen. If you can open your presentation with the latest version of PowerPoint installed, save it as a new file to the .pptx format and try uploading again.

Other files

Aside from presentations, iSpring Cloud can store any other files of popular multimedia or document formats (.mp4, mp3, .doc, .pdf). These files can be uploaded through the web interface. They will not be converted or recompressed, and will be available for viewing or downloading right after you uploaded them.

There are not any specific requirements for other files, but it’s recommended to upload files up to 1 GB (you can upload more if needed).

Support note

If you have tried all of the recommendations in this article, and your presentation still cannot be uploaded, please contact our support.

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