Create Online Presentations with iSpring and Boost Your Online Store

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iSpring Pro is a professional tool for creating online presentations. With iSpring Pro you can make online presentations, enrich them with multimedia and upload them to your online store. Let’s see how to make a great sales presentation with iSpring Pro:

1. Install iSpring Pro

Download and install the trial version of iSpring Pro. All advantages of the tool can be accessed on its toolbar in PowerPoint, which enables you to get back to editing the original presentation whenever you want.

iSpring Pro is very easy to learn and use. That’s why everyone can use it to create professional online presentations that will increase the sales of any online store.

iSpring Pro Tools

2. Create your presentation in PowerPoint

When creating your presentation in PowerPoint, remember that it is supposed to attract customers and increase the sales. That’s why you should use high-resolution images, captivating video files, informative audio narrations and detailed descriptions.

Create Presentations in Power Point

3. Enrich presentations with multimedia

Make your presentation even more attractive by inserting Flash movies, YouTube videos and Web-objects. With iSpring, these can be added with a single click of your mouse.

Enrich presentations with multimedia

4. Add audio and video narration

iSpring Pro gives you the opportunity to introduce your merchandise to customers in person. Just record a video or audio narration and synchronize it with your slides.

Add audio and video narration

Combined with video narration, your slides will provide customers with just the information they need, which will result in increased sales of the online store.

5. Customize presentation player

After the conversion, your slides will be displayed in an eye-catching and functional player that can be fully customized. You can fine-tune the color scheme, layout and messages. Think about the requirements of your clients and decide which features of the player to turn on. These features will make clients’ interactions with your presentation more convenient.

Customize presentation player

6. Upload presentation to your website

To convert your presentation to a Web-friendly format, click Publish on the iSpring Pro toolbar and fine-tune the settings. Select the combined Flash+HTML5 format to make the presentation available on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The presentation can be published to the Web, sent by email or burned to a CD.

Upload presentation to your website

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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