Folder sharing

With iSpring Cloud, you can share not just files one by one, but also folders that may include several files or other folders. It will save a lot of your time generating links to each file individually.

You can send an invitation link via email or share it in your social networks. People can see the shared folder contents even without having an account at Cloud.

To share a folder in iSpring Cloud

  1. 1 Click the Share button opposite the folder that you want to share. folder For colleagues is being shared
  2. 2 In the popup window, click Copy Link and send it to the recipient. Get a public link from the Share window. Also, you can send an email with this link by selecting the Send Email option. Add one or more email addresses , enter the invitation message and click Send.

A link sign will appear in the Access column for this folder, indicating that it has been shared successfully. For colleagues folder is shared

View content

When people receive the link, they can open any file from the entire For colleagues folder. In addition, they may navigate the folder structure inside this folder.

Shared folder contents at viewer's web browser.

Folder content control

You can let users download files or view them only. If you want to restrict downloading for some content items, change their Download Options on the right PROPERTIES pane.

After content viewing, the statistics will be saved and shown in the administrative portal.

If you want to add or delete some files, you don’t need to share the link again. Folder changes will automatically reflect on the client side.

Stop sharing

If you want to stop sharing this folder, click the link icon or click Share again.

Switch the option Allow everyone to view to OFF, and this link won’t be accessible anymore.


Users will see the following message when trying to open this link again:

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