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How to Make a Website Go Full Screen on Your iPad

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How to make a website full screen on the iPad

You can view almost any type of web content on an iPad, but it doesn’t readily support full-screen mode. People who prefer to use the Safari browser on the iPad face a problem viewing web content without browser panels, elements, etc.

If you want to view a webpage, course, or HTML5 presentation, it will be much more convenient to do it in full-screen mode. Full-screen viewing looks more native and provides additional space for your content, while hiding all Safari elements but the main window.  

In this article, we provide a brief guide on how to view a website full screen on an iPad — and you won’t even need to change your iPad settings.

How to Open Safari in Full-Screen Mode on an iPad

  1. First, launch the Safari browser from the home screen and go to the webpage that you wish to view in full-screen mode.
  2. After locating the webpage, tap the Share button at the top of your screen.
    iPad Full Screen Web App: Tapping on the Share button
  3. In the drop-down menu, tap the Add to Home Screen option.
    iPad Full Screen Web App: Add to Home Screen
  4. In the Add to Home window, you can give the new icon a title on the home screen of your iPad. When you’re done, tap on the Add button.
    iPad Full Screen Web App: Add webpage to Home screen
  5. The new icon should now appear on your home screen. Tapping on the icon will open the webpage in full-screen mode.
    iPad Full Screen Web App: New Icon on Home screen

Note: This way of viewing a webpage, course, or presentation in full-screen mode works if the source code of the webpage contains the following tag:

<meta name=”apple-mobile-web-app-capable” content=”yes “>

You can add this tag to your webpage using a third-party tool like iWeb SEO Tool or any other tool you wish. Please note that you need to first add the tag, refresh the page, and then add a bookmark to your home screen.

How to View a Video in Full-Screen Mode on an iPad

To get a video to show in full-screen mode on an iPad, you’ll need to download a standalone video app. There are multiple apps on the market, but you can use YouTube’s app, for example. Its interface will look almost the same as it would in a browser on a PC, but there are some differences to YouTube on a touch screen device in regard to switching to a full-screen mode.

To make the YouTube app play in full-screen mode, choose and open a video. When the video starts playing, tap on it once. You’ll see several additional options, including dual arrows at the bottom right corner. Tap the arrows to go to full screen.

Viewing a Video in Full-Screen Mode on an iPad

How to View a PowerPoint Presentation on an iPad

If you want to make your PowerPoint projects available on the iPad, you can easily do so by converting PowerPoint slides to HTML5 with iSpring Converter. It works as a PowerPoint add-in, so you can convert your presentation right from PowerPoint with all of its functionality and appearance preserved. If you want to protect your content from unauthorized access, you can add an extra layer of protection to your presentation by setting a password, restricting the time allowed for viewing, and adding a watermark.

Would you like to get more useful information about online content for your iPad? Discover the easiest way for you to view PowerPoint presentations on an iPad or how to create an iPad app easily using tools you’re already familiar with.

How to Make Apps Full Screen on the iPad

Some apps don’t fill the entire screen of the iPad, but you can resize them to take full advantage of the expanded aspect ratio. 

To have an app take up the full screen, drag the handle to the bottom corner of the iPad. If you’re using a mouse or trackpad, then use the mouse pointer on any edge of the window to resize it.

How to Troubleshoot Safari Display Issues

If Safari doesn’t open a webpage or work as expected on your iPad, here a few solutions that might help:

  • Reload the page
  • Install software updates and restart
  • Turn extensions off if there are any installed in your browser
  • Try opening the website in a private browser window
  • Check the privacy, security, and website settings
  • Reload the page without Private Relay if you’re subscribed to iCloud+ and are using this feature
  • Check your VPN or other security software if you have these installed on your iPad
  • Check network settings

To get the details about using these methods, check out the official Apple website

How to Remove Split Screen on Safari 

Apple devices are multitasking tools. The clearest evidence of this is that the Safari browser features a split screen. It allows you to open two websites in two separate windows simultaneously. These split-screen windows work independently of each other and help users to be more productive. For example, you can open YouTube to watch an instructional video in one window and open another website next to it to find some additional information on a topic. 

Split View is enabled by default, so you can’t disable it forever. But there are a few tricks that can help you get your iPad screen back to full size.

To close Split View, tap the Multitasking button in the Safari window that you want to keep, then tap the full screen button. You can also drag the central app divider left or right over the Safari window that you want to close. 

You can also merge your Safari windows into a single one to enable full-screen mode. Just touch and hold the tabs button in the toolbar and tap Merge All Windows.

To go into more details about how to use split screen in Safari on your iPad, visit the Apple website

What to Do if Safari Opens in a Small Window

If a website opens as a small, narrow window off to the side, you likely have an instance of Safari opening in slide-over view.  

To make Safari full screen, pull down on the gray grab bar at the top of the browser view that allows you to transform the view into split screen. Then drag a central app divider all the way to the edge of the screen. 

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