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Set up automatic re-enrollments as this guarantees that the course will be assigned to all the users who have completed it in the indicated period.

To re-enroll users into the course automatically:

  1. On the Edit Course page, open the Completion tab.

  2. In the Course Re-enrollment section, check Automatically re-enroll users in the course. Then, specify in how many days, weeks, months, or years the course will be re-assigned. 

    Note: a month always has 30 days, and a year — 365 days.

  3. After that, click Save

  4. The new Re-enrollment Date column will appear under the Enrollments tab. As soon as a learner completes the course, the re-assignment date will be situated there.


  1. After a learner successfully completes a course in a specified period of time, they are enrolled in the same course.
    If a user doesn't pass the course, it won't be re-assigned.

  2. Every new enrollment starts from scratch. A re-assigned course and all content items have the Not Started status.

  3. Consequently, statistics on every new enrollment are collected anew. 

  4. Re-enrollment affects only users who have completed the course after it being enabled. If a learner has successfully passed the course before re-enrollment was created, the content won't be re-assigned.

  5. Let's say a student has successfully passed a course with re-enrollment enabled, and later you edited the time period in which the course would be repeatedly assigned. The course will be re-assigned in so many minutes/days/weeks as was specified when the user completed it.

  6. If you enabled re-enrollment and later changed the course duration, due date or access settings, those will be the current parameters that will be applied when the course is re-assigned.

  7. Disabling re-enrollment cancels all scheduled repeated course re-assignments.
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