iSpring Cloud vs. iSpring Learn LMS

Both of these subscription-based online solutions let you share presentations or courses online. This article will help you understand which one works better for your specific task. Do you need Cloud or Learn? Learn the difference.

  • iSpring Learn is an LMS designed for online education (e-Learning) and business training, where you have a class of students or employees log in to your LMS portal for training. You can create and host courses, deliver them to users, issue certificates, get reports and check completion details. Also, you can automate user registration and course enrollment.
    Analog: Moodle or any other LMS

  • iSpring Cloud is for business and marketing purposes, where you upload PowerPoint presentations and share them online with your clients, prospects or partners. Viewing doesn’t require a login and is therefore good for vast audiences. You can get general statistics on views, but cannot teach people online.
    Analog: SlideShare, Dropbox

As you can see, they serve different purposes. Let’s reveal the details of these web-based solutions.

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iSpring Learn LMS

iSpring Learn is a full-scale Learning Management System that lets you easily deploy online training for employees or students. This LMS is perfect for staff training for small and large businesses with widespread affiliates.

Who uses iSpring Learn and how

  • Teachers – for teaching students.

  • Corporate trainers – for training employees.

  • HR specialists – for certification exams.

Managing portal and users

As an administrator, you can choose the name of your portal (e.g.,, customize your portal’s look, add users, and fill the content repository with learning items.

Each user has a personal account (ID is email) for taking courses and viewing supplementary materials in your iSpring Learn portal. You can assign uploaded courses to user groups or specific users individually. There are several user roles that include admins, teachers, and students.

iSpring Learn LMS has clear and simple design for both sides of education: Learning portal and Admin portal.

Content viewing and learning

Users registered with your portal can view courses using any computer with a modern web browser or a mobile device that is connected to the internet.

The Mobile app provides easy access to the learning portal for learners who prefer tablets. It shows your learner’s profile, to-do list and completion progress. The app displays courses in full screen and allows to download them for taking offline.
Picture of the iPad with User portal in iSpring Learn

Note: The iSpring Learn system follows the principles of Tin Can API for all iSpring-made courses, so completion data will be sent to the server as soon as the Internet connection is established again.

The system issues a certificate on course completion that a learner can print or see in the profile.

iSpring Learn LMS keeps the complete history of learning materials studied for each user: quiz answers, score received, number of slides viewed, etc. Administrators and teachers have access to the reports feature and can generate any report that helps to evaluate the effectiveness of your teaching.

Content creation and upload

You can create courses and assessments with:

The LMS plans include licenses for the iSpring Suite desktop authoring tool. It ensures explicit integration of a learning module with the LMS, providing very detailed reports on quiz score and presentation module completion. iSpring courses can be opened in a mobile app.

Third-party SCORM courses provide basic reports (overall score and time spent) and cannot be shown in the iSpring Learn mobile app. Learners can use the standard web browser (e.g., Safari browser on iPad) to complete SCORM courses.

Other files provide general statistics (view count) and can be opened in the Learn mobile app.

Other LMS features

Learn has a standard LMS feature set that can be utilized in online education. However, it is noted for some particular features, such as:

  • Learning Path

  • Longreads editor

  • Intelligent course assignment

  • Gamification

  • Events calendar

  • Course catalog

  • Insightful reports

iSpring Learn is a very secure system and offers advanced availability settings and time restrictions, which are enhanced by course protection features that you can use on the publishing step. Nobody except your learners can access courses created by you.

iSpring Learn is a robust and efficient system with great scalability and fast response time. You can host 100,000+ users and have them access courses simultaneously. Servers that run the Learn system have a 99.99% uptime with a distributed data storage service that ensures the safety of your content.

Pricing plans

Pricing plans depend on the number of users in your system and start from $3.66 per user per month for a 100-user plan. 

It is an on-demand LMS, so you can upgrade your subscription plan at any time if the number of learners increases.

Learn more about Learn pricing →

Other use cases

iSpring Learn LMS is a cloud-based solution and provided as a subscription to the service. However, if your company has a strict security policy (e.g., a bank or governmental institution), we can deploy it on your own network and it will work in the isolated environment. If you select on-premise installation, iSpring Learn will work beyond the corporate firewall or without an internet connection at all. It will require additional fee and maintenance plan.

What iSpring Learn cannot do

There are some things that are uniquely available in iSpring Cloud, because the LMS is not designed for such functionality. Here are some of them:

  • Embed courses on your website or blog.

  • Upload .ppt presentations to the web for online conversion and get shareable links.

  • Generate short links.

  • Identify who viewed the public content among the Mailing List.

iSpring Cloud

iSpring Cloud is an online presentation hosting and file sharing service that allows you to distribute content to be seen by a vast audience without needing to have a login.

Just as YouTube is a video hosting service, iSpring Cloud is a hosting service for presentations converted from .ppt to web format (using the iSpring conversion technology). iSpring Cloud has a server-side .ppt to HTML5 conversion engine, and you can upload .ppt files, even those created on Macs. It doesn’t matter if you have an iSpring authoring tool installed on your PC or not.

A file sharing service is a solution that stores any type of files and let you quickly share them. Cloud generates a short link so you don’t need to use or link shortening services.

Who uses iSpring Cloud and how

  • PR managers and marketers – for presenting goods and services.

  • Salespeople – for generating leads.

  • Just anyone – for sharing presentations online.

  • iSpring authoring tool users who don’t have their own website with FTP access to host published web presentations on the Internet.

Content viewing

The free iOS app and app for Android provides instant access to web presentations. It displays presentations in full screen and allows users to download them for viewing offline.
iSpring Cloud app

Note: The iSpring Play option is only available when publishing with an iSpring authoring tool.

Besides content sharing, Cloud can be used as a sales enablement tool; e.g., showing a promo video/presentation to a prospect in the field or teaching customers how to use complex products. People with whom you share your content won’t have their personal accounts — they will only see the shared content item.

You can share your promo content via social media or embed it in webpages right away; plus, you can see who was interested in it. Use the Domain protection option to avoid content leaking from your Cloud domain.

Content creation

You can create web presentations with:

Cloud Business

Also, iSpring Cloud can be used as a secure content hosting platform, e.g. for a conference organizer to host all the presenters’ presentations in one place with the capability to enable access for all visitors.

Upgrading an iSpring Cloud plan from Pro (50 items) to Business will give you an unlimited number of content items that you can store and share. Also you can make some content private in Business multi-user accounts, so only users of this account will have access to it. Every additional user of a Business account is $470 a year.

Tracking is available in the Business account. It shows the number of views and downloads.

Learn more about Cloud pricing →

Other use cases

Although iSpring Cloud cannot store and generate reports on quizzes, it can host quizzes made with iSpring Suite/Presenter/QuizMaker and send results to email. Virtually, Cloud can be used as a very simple learning environment, mostly for getting survey feedback and quiz email reports that you will have to handle manually.

What iSpring Cloud cannot do

There are some things that are available in iSpring Learn LMS and not available in Cloud. Here are some of them:

  • Teach people and get detailed statistics on courses and assessments.

  • Lock a presentation with a specific password for each user (aka login). However, you can set a uniform password on the publishing step.

Comparison Chart: Learn LMS vs. Cloud

iSpring offers two different subscription plans for Cloud: Pro and Business. They have different prices and some of their features vary. Therefore, most of these charts have three comparison columns instead of two.

Content options

Learn LMS Cloud Pro Cloud Business
Integration with iSpring authoring tools
Yes Yes Yes
Online PPT to Web conversion
Yes Yes
Trash folder
Yes Yes
Number of content items
Unlimited 50 Unlimited
iSpring Formats
Presentation, Quiz, TalkMaster dialogue
Manual uploading: .ismpkg, .isqmpkq
Presentation, Quiz, TalkMaster dialogue
Manual uploading: .ismpkg, .isqmpkq
Other formats to view/complete online
SCORM 1.2 and 2004
Video: .flv, .mp4
Audio: .mp3
Flash: .swf
PowerPoint: .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx
Video: .flv, .mp4, .m4v, .wmv
Audio: .mp3
Flash: .swf
Acrobat: .pdf
Images: .jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff
Links: http links
Other formats to download
PowerPoint: .ppt, .pptx, .pps, .ppsx
Acrobat: .pdf
Word: .doc, .docx
Excel: .xls, .xlsx
Word: .doc, .docx
Excel: .xls, .xlsx
HTML-pages: .html, .htm
Extras: .zip, .rar, .exe
And other files*
- Quiz reports
- People reports
- Content reports

- Total Views - Total views
- Downloads
- Average viewed slides
- Traffic sources
- Average view time
- Content Effectiveness
- Viewer Activity
Content permissions
Permissions are determined by roles - Owner
- Editor
- Viewer

Learn more about user roles in iSpring Learn →

Sharing options

Learn LMS Cloud Pro Cloud Business
Private content viewing
Primary option

Public content viewing
Yes Yes
Primary option
Primary option
Folder Sharing
Yes Yes
Content distribution
Private sharing (need to login) Public sharing (no login required) Public sharing and private permissions
Sharing methods
- Direct link
- E-mail
- Direct link (short)
- E-mail
- Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn
- Embed code

User options

Learn LMS Cloud Pro Cloud Business
User portal
User Management
Yes Yes
User roles
- Account owner
- Administrator
- Organization Admin
- Publisher (Teacher)
- User (Student)
- Account Owner
- Administrator
- User
Number of users
50 and more One user Multi-user

Mobile support and other features

Learn LMS Cloud Pro and Business
iPad and Android app
iSpring Learn iSpring Present, iSpring Play
Offline content viewing
Yes Yes
Unique account URL
Yes Yes
Domain Alias
Account branding

Can I use both solutions?

Yes, certainly:

  • Teach a sales representative how to sell using iSpring Learn LMS, and then equip him/her with iSpring Cloud to start selling in the field.

  • Promote your training using Cloud and then sell courses in iSpring Learn.

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