iSpring Visuals

iSpring Visuals

Create eLearning Interactions

Use ready templates to illustrate your ideas in a visually engaging style.

Select a Relevant Design

Visually compelling content facilitates learning. Present your material in a form of an e-book, glossary, FAQ, or timeline with a set of iSpring Suite ready templates.


Represent eLearning content in a familiar medium. Create your own e-book with a page-turning effect: add custom text, images and characters.


The Directory template is perfect for creating an explanatory glossary. Compose an alphanumeric index with images, audio and video to summarize essential concepts and terms.


Consolidate common questions into one interactive module. Clarify answers with additional pictures, audio and video.


Visualize the course of events with the Timeline template. This captivating interaction allows you to add events and group them in logical periods.

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