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The 100 Best Online Course Ideas & Topics in 2024

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You’d like to create and sell your own online course but aren't sure what to teach? Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a hundred ideas to give you a hand at choosing a profitable topic and provide some inspiration.

Given the variety of courses that already exist, it’s really a challenge to settle on the topic for a course and invest your time and money into content creation. Will it work? Will there be a payoff? It’s really difficult to choose. So, it’s totally fine that you’re searching for ideas and considering alternatives from various fields. We understand.

We’ve prepared a list of one hundred online course topics. Click the topic in the table of contents below to jump to the category of your interest or simply scroll down to explore everything on the list. 

Please note that these options aren’t written in stone, you’ll likely feel the need to make them more specific to attract a specific audience. 

The audience for these two courses will be different and so should the content
Using Instagram for businessUsing Instagram to promote nail services

See the difference? So, use this list as a source of inspiration and feel free to adapt the ideas as you see fit. 

Enough chat, let’s get started.

10 Ideas for Courses on Business

Ideas for creating courses on business

There’s no shortage of entrepreneur courses and yet there’s also no shortage of people who dream of starting their own business and need to know how to form a company. So, if you can share an actionable strategy or tools based on your own experience, here are some ideas on where to start:

  • Finding and testing a business idea
  • Prototyping for entrepreneurs
  • Starting a food, flower, retail, coffee shop, etc. business
  • Developing a business plan
  • Forming a company: legal and tax issues 
  • Project management
  • Creating sales funnels
  • Providing better customer service
  • Designing gamification (for customers, employees, etc.)
  • Crowdfunding

10 Ideas for Courses on Marketing

Ideas for creating courses on marketing

Being a quickly evolving field, marketing is a never-ending source for possibilities to teach something new as well as providing fundamental knowledge of marketing theory that stands behind the latest trends. 

  • Marketing plan for non-marketers
  • Effective business pages on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Determining market size for your product
  • Social media for a certain field (e.g., real-estate, beauty professionals)
  • Creating a podcast
  • Monetizing YouTube
  • Writing marketing copy
  • Building a personal brand
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Marketing in messengers

10 Ideas for Courses on Careers

Ideas for creating courses on careers

While some people dream about beginning startups, others prefer to work for a well-known brand and try to become valuable team members. How to find a dream job? How to realize your full potential at work? How to get a raise? If you have answers to these questions, you should definitely share your knowledge with others. Here are 10 popular ideas:

  • Career guidance for teenagers
  • Career guidance for adults
  • Unconscious mistakes that sabotage our careers
  • Getting a promotion (a raise, a corner office, etc.)
  • Getting a job in a certain field (e.g., How to get your first job in design.)
  • Effective remote (digital freelance) work
  • Effective resume, portfolio, or cover letter creation
  • Business etiquette (how to behave at the workplace, at work dinners, write professional emails, etc.)
  • Successful job interview tips
  • Job burnout

10 Ideas for Courses on Personal Finances and Side Hustles

Ideas for creating courses on personal finances

Who wouldn’t like to be more prosperous? There are three ways for that to happen: spend less, earn more, or both.

  • Creating a family business plan
  • Managing personal investments
  • Personal finance for children
  • Saving money (on taxes)
  • Escaping consumerism
  • Side hustle for editors, designers, programmers, marketers, etc.
  • Making money by renting out your house 
  • Earning with a blog
  • Becoming an Instagram (or any other platform) blogger 
  • Streaming for a living

10 Ideas for Courses in Creative Arts

Ideas for creating courses on creative arts

Creativity serves anyone well, whether they are an entrepreneur, an engineer, or a mommy blogger. With an online teaching platform, you’ll be able to help thousands of people unleash their creativity.

  • Boosting creativity (generating more ideas, finding inspiration, etc.)
  • Storytelling and writing (novels, poems, books, blogs, etc.)
  • Drawing, illustration, and digital art 
  • Filming
  • Photography
  • Acting techniques
  • Making music
  • Typography (calligraphy, lettering, etc.)
  • Interior design 
  • Sewing and knitting

10 Ideas for Courses on Technology

Ideas for creating courses on technology

Even the most non-tech person can (and should) take advantage of having some hands-on technical skills.

  • Web design
  • Coding for the Web
  • Getting started with Photoshop, Blender, or any other software
  • Getting the most out of Excel, Word, etc.
  • Programming for children
  • Mobile development
  • Creating a website with no technical knowledge
  • Data science
  • 3D modeling and printing
  • Cybersecurity
  • Building a smart home
  • Repairing your computer (or smartphone, etc.)

10 Ideas for Courses on Self-Development

Ideas for creating courses on self-development

Reducing anxiety, discovering true goals, and getting motivated to reach them, self-development courses have the potential to unlock growth and change within your learners. Since more and more people realize the benefits of such training, it makes this topic quite a profitable online course idea.

  • Being a happier person (staying positive, positive strategies for life, etc.)
  • Reducing stress (depression, anger, procrastination, etc.)
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Personal goal setting (wish maps, strategies for achieving goals, etc.)
  • Increasing confidence
  • Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Public speaking
  • Self-awareness (mindfulness, meditation, etc.)
  • Motivation

10 Ideas for Courses on Family & Relationships

Ideas for creating courses on famiy and relationships

We are meant to connect with others from the time we’re babies, but building good relationships can be a challenge. As long as people need the company of one another, helping them to strengthen connections with family, partners, and friends is a limitless field for creating e-courses. 

  • Building healthy relationships
  • Dating and starting relationships
  • Getting out of the friend zone
  • Preparing for marriage
  • Effective communication (family counseling, managing conflicts, etc.)
  • Improving sex life
  • Handling difficult family members
  • Recovering from a breakup 
  • Recovering after betrayal
  • Rescuing relationships

10 Ideas for Courses on Parenting

Ideas for creating courses on parenting

Becoming a better parent can be as difficult as mastering programming skills. What is best for your children? How can you make them do as they are told? Are you a good parent? Generations come and go, but these questions remain. 

  • Getting ready for baby
  • Early child development and education (e.g., Montessori, Waldorf, etc.)
  • Baby’s development (nutrition, learning to talk, using a potty, etc.)
  • Baby sleep
  • Single parenting and co-parenting
  • Bilingual kids
  • Kids and gadgets
  • Setting boundaries
  • Time management for moms, dads, parents, and siblings
  • Self-care (finding time for yourself)

10 Ideas for Courses on Lifestyle

Ideas for creating courses on lifestyle

Lifestyle courses can make everyday life easier and full of joy. They can also help people find a favorite hobby and, who knows, turn it into a job one day. 

  • Finding a work-life balance
  • Cooking and diet (healthy nutrition, baking, vegetarian food, etc.)
  • Fitness (yoga, post-pregnancy recovery, weight loss, weight gain, becoming more flexible, etc.)
  • Finding your style in clothes
  • Makeup
  • Traveling (hitchhiking, family trips, discovering new routes, etc.)
  • Tidying up
  • Growing house plants
  • Pet care

If you want more ideas for online courses, read this article.

Wrapping Up

Creating your own online courses is a great way to nurture your personal brand, scale expertise, and have a source of passive income. Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to teach almost anything online if you set your mind to it. Why not get started by exploring iSpring Market capabilities for creating your own online class?

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