How to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share ItHow to Make an Interactive Online Flipbook and Share It image/svg+xml image/svg+xml image/svg+xmlimage/svg+xmlimage/svg+xml

Whether you’re authoring e-Learning materials for school, college or office, there’s one simple and all-too-familiar design that suits any subject. We’re talking about interactive flipbooks that preserve the traditional look and feel of a paperback, but are way more efficient in terms of studying. Plus, by using eco-friendly digital pages instead of paper, you help save millions of trees all over the world.

Turning pages of a digital flipbook created in iSpring Suite

In this article you will learn how to make a flipbook with beautiful ready-made templates available in iSpring Suite, and then easily share it online.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Install a fully-functional iSpring Suite free trial.
  2. iSpring Suite contains iSpring Visuals, an integrated tool for creating various interactions. Launch it by clicking the iSpring Visuals icon.

You can also start using iSpring Visuals by clicking the Interaction button in the iSpring Suite toolbar.

iSpring Suite toolbar
  1. In the open Quick Start window, choose Book from the list of available interactions on the left. As you can see, iSpring Visuals also allows users to present e-Learning materials in the form of a directory, FAQ, and timeline.
iSpring Visuals Quick Start window
  1. Once you’ve opened a new book, there are a face cover, one broadside, and a back cover. Add as many broadsides as you want your flipbook to contain. To do that you can either click the New Broadside button on the toolbar, or right-click any place in the Book Pages menu and choose New Page in the context menu.
iSpring Visuals toolbarAdding a new broadside for a flipbook

New broadsides will be added under the selected broadsides in the Book Pages pane. You can move pages up and down in this list by dragging them.

  1. Choose a design and layout for your flipbook.

Just as traditional books are always different, interactive flipbooks can also vary in style and size. iSpring Suite allows users to create 3D books of portrait or album layout. Simply choose the Design tab on the toolbar, and then click the Page Size button on the ribbon to select one of the predefined page sizes.

Choosing a page size for a flipbook

To customize the look of your flipbook, you can apply different custom backgrounds. Select a page you wish to customize, click the Page Backgrounds button and choose the desired background from the drop-down menu.

Choosing a page background for a flipbook

Go beyond basic backgrounds, and apply different colors to pages. This option is also available in the Design tab. Select a page, then use the Color Fill checkbox and click the Fill Color button.

Using color fill for an interactive flipbook
  1. Add a cover image by clicking the Picture button on the toolbar. The inserted picture will appear on your page. You can now drag and resize it if necessary. Repeat the process to add an image for the back cover.
Adding images to a flipbook
  1. Add a title to your digital flipbook. To do that, click the Text Box button on the toolbar. Click on the page where you want to place the title and then drag the mouse to draw the box. Now type the title inside the text box. You can adjust the font and additional settings from the Font section of the toolbar.
Adding text to a flipbook
  1. Organize the broadsides of your book.

Insert text and pictures by following the steps described above. You can either create a photo-based flipbook, or add more text to cover broad material.

Animate your flipbook by adding live characters to it. Use a set of ready characters’ images with different poses and emotions that will illustrate your story. To do that, click the Character button on the toolbar, then select the appropriate character and pose.

Library of character images for a flipbook

Arrange all the inserted objects on your book pages by sending them backward or forward. First select an object, then click the Arrange button on the toolbar. Choose one of the four available actions from the drop-down menu as shown in the picture.

Arrange objects options in a flipbook

To modify multiple objects at once, click on them while pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard. You can change text formatting properties, move, resize, and delete all selected objects.

  1. All content created with iSpring Suite goes cross-device, which means that your flipbook will be perfectly played back on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. To share it, click the Publish button on the iSpring toolbar.
iSpring Visuals toolbar

In the Publish window, type in the name of your interactive book. Also, specify a local or network folder , and choose a suitable online format. Learn more about your options for publishing interactions.

iSpring Visuals Publish Interaction window

Once you’ve published your flipbook, use iSpring Cloud to deliver it. Sign up for free to get a personal online storage for your e-Learning materials, and instantly share them via short link, email or embed code.  Plus, your iSpring-created content will be accessible even offline, thanks to the iSpring Play free mobile app.

Why your flipbook is destined for success

Whether you’ve made a flipbook for students, employees or clients, it will certainly engage them. Digital flipbooks embody the best of traditional textbooks because of their intuitive user interface with a page-turning effect. Well-designed 3D books offer a fascinating visual experience and thus, facilitate learning.

Interactive flipbooks created in iSpring Suite adapt to different mobile devices. They are absolutely portable, which means there’s no limit into the number of flipbooks that can be taken around. Plus, gone are the days of lost worksheets or textbooks.

Now that you have a detailed guide on making attractive flipbooks, it’s high time to create and customize your original flipbook. Download iSpring Suite for free to start using interactions and many other e-Learning facilities right away.

We are curious about the results of your creative work. Feel free to share your flipbooks with us in the comments below.

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