How to insert Flash into PowerPoint 2003/XP

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This tutorial shows how to insert a Flash movie into a presentation directly through PowerPoint 2003/XP.

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Before getting down to adding a Flash movie, you have to make sure that your computer has Adobe Flash Player installed and that the ActiveX control is registered. If not, Flash movies just won't play in a PowerPoint presentation.

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2. Insert Flash into a Presentation using PowerPoint

  1. 1Create a new or open an existing PowerPoint presentation and select a slide into which you wish to insert a Flash file.
  2. 2Click View on the main PowerPoint menu, select Toolbars and enable the Control Toolbox option. Click View, select Toolbars and enable Control Toolbox option
  3. 3In the Control Toolbox window, click the More Controls icon as shown below:
    Click More Controls icon
  4. 4Select Shockwave Flash Object from the list of available controls and click on a slide to place the control. You can resize it with your mouse pointer to adjust the size of the Flash animation.Select Shockwave Flash Object from the list of available controls
  5. 5Right-click on the control you added and click Properties in the context menu. Show Properties of The Control
  6. 6In the Properties window, click the Movie property and specify the full path to the Flash file. You can add a Flash file located on your computer (e.g. C:\MyMovie.swf), or from a web resource (e.g. http://www.ispringsolutions/tour.swf).
    Specify link to Flash file
  7. 7You can tune the playback of your Flash movie by setting it to play automatically and/or looped:
    • To start playing the Flash movie automatically when the PowerPoint slide is displayed, set the Playing property to True. You can add custom controls for the Flash movie and set this property to False.
    • To loop Flash movie playback while the slide is displayed, set the Loop property to True.

    By default, your Flash file is saved as an external resource or "embedded". It means that the external Flash movie will be stored as an external presentation resource and it can be viewed on any computer that has Adobe Flash Player. However, you can still make sure it does that:

    • To see if Flash movie is embedded into your Presentation, check if Embed Movie property is set to True.
  8. 8Now you can save your presentation or view it as a slideshow: click the SlideShow icon in the View tab or press F5. Press Esc to return to normal view.

Once again, you can avoid all these steps and insert Flash movies quickly using iSpring Converter Pro. It delivers the same perfect result in a single click!

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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