How to share courses with iSpring Cloud

After creating a presentation, course, or quiz, you must want to share it with your learners. iSpring Cloud was specially designed for fast content sharing. Here are the aspects covered in this article:

  • How to share an iSpring-created course with those learners who don’t have PowerPoint and iSpring tools;

  • How to send learning materials;

  • How to allow access to a presentation only for a limited group of people.

Step 1. Create an iSpring Cloud account

  1. Follow this link:

  2. Enter your email and click on Start For Free.

    Form for registering an iSpring Cloud account
  3. After completing registration, check your inbox. You will receive an email from iSpring Customer Care. Open it and click on the Activate account button.

    An email for verification and activating iSpring Cloud account

Now your account is ready to use, and you can upload your first content item.

iSpring Cloud repository in a browser window

Step 2. Upload content to your iSpring Cloud account

You can upload content to your account either from iSpring authoring tools or via a browser.

Uploading from the iSpring tools

If you create courses and quizzes using iSpring tools, the easiest way to upload them to iSpring Cloud is to publish them directly, right from the publishing window.

  1. Open your presentation in PowerPoint, switch to the iSpring tab and click on Publish.

    iSpring Suite on the PowerPoint ribbon

  2. In the new Publish Presentation window, switch to the iSpring Cloud tab, enter your account details, and click Publish.

    The iSpring Cloud tab in the iSpring publishing window

Learn more about publishing content to iSpring Cloud from iSpring authoring tools in our Knowledge Base:

Publishing from iSpring Suite

Publishing from iSpring QuizMaker

Publishing from iSpring Converter Pro

Publishing from iSpring TalkMaster

Uploading via a browser

You can also upload an ordinary PowerPoint presentation. To do that:

  1. Log in to your iSpring Cloud account and click on Upload.

    The Upload button in the iSpring Cloud repository

  2. Select a presentation from your hard drive and click on Open.

    After being uploaded, a presentation is automatically converted to a cross-platform Flash+HTML5 format. It means that your presentation will be viewable on all devices and in all browsers, including their old versions.

    Using the web interface, you can also upload text documents, audio and video files, images, and much more. Learn more about supported file formats >

Step 3. Share your content

After you’ve uploaded your materials, you can share them with the learners. This option is available both in the Repository and in the presentation view window.

Select the desired content item and click on the Share link next to it.

The Share link in the iSpring Cloud repository

Now you can choose your preferred method of content sharing.

Public link

You can simply copy a public link to the course and send it to your learners any way you like.

The public link tab in the sharing window

Social media

It is also possible to directly publish courses to social media using the hot buttons on the bottom of the Sharing pop-up window.


To send a link to the course via email, switch to the Email tab and enter an email address or several addresses separated with commas.The Email tab in the Sharing window

Embed code

Embed a presentation in a website or blog. To do that, switch to the Embed Code tab, copy the code and insert it into the code of your web page.

The embed code option in the sharing window

Learn more about iSpring Cloud embed options >

How to limit access to content viewing

A content item you open access to is available for anyone with the link. If you need to limit access, simply switch the toggle button. When off, link access is not available.

If you want to open access only to a limited group of people, set up a password. This way, you will be able to provide the password only for those learners who have successfully completed a previous course.

In the Sharing window, switch to the Content Protection tab, turn on password protection, and click on the Set password link. When ready, click on Save changes.

The content protection option in the sharing window

After the changes are saved, the presentation will be available only for those with the password.

Here’s what the users will see after opening the link to a protected content item:

Try entering the password Pass00 to access the presentation.

Materials protected with a password can also be embedded via iframe. Please note that only those users who get access from you will be able to view them. You can change the password anytime and fully control access to courses. Read more about content protection options in iSpring Cloud

If you have any questions about uploading and sharing your materials with iSpring Cloud, please feel free to ask us. Our tech support specialists will be glad to help you out.

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