Save 20% with iSpring Weekend Sale

Are you working on weekends?Then use your chance to save 20% on iSpring with our weekend sale!Only this Saturday and Sunday you are welcome to take advantage of the special pricing:•    iSpring Suite for $399 vs $499; •    iSpring Pro for $239 vs $299; •    iSpring QuizMaker for $199 vs $249.Just use the coupon code HGXB-VFB5-Z6K5 when purchasing online.Have a great weekend!
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4 comments on “Save 20% with iSpring Weekend Sale
  1. Max says:

    When will iSpring Suite 7 be released?

  2. Olga_iSpring says:

    iSpring Suite 7 will be released in 2013. However if you purchase iSpring Suite now, you can request a free upgrade to the 7th version later, with reference to this conversation.

  3. Max says:

    I purchased iSpring Suite on 10/25/2012. Can I request a free upgrade?

  4. Olga_iSpring says:

    Usually we offer a free upgrade if the license was purchased no more than 2 month before the release. However, we can offer you an upgrade discount as soon as the 7th version is released.

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