Flexible Learning Management System

Easy-to-use cloud-based Learning Management System for training and assessing employees or students online.

Thousands of businesses all over the world choose iSpring for building their leadership.

Out-of-the-box LMS software for corporate e-Learning management

Be in control of the full learning process with an online course platform. Create e-courses and upload them to the system, assign them to learners, and evaluate their progress with detailed statistics.

How iSpring Training Management System Works

Create E-Learning Courses

iSpring authoring tools provide you with a complete solution for creating multiplatform interactive e-Learning courses right in PowerPoint.


Publish Your Courses to LMS

Upload your e-courses directly to iSpring online LMS in one click. The system supports SCORM packages, Flash/HTML5, audio/video, reference documents, and more.


Track Detailed Statistics

Use a complete set of reports to track the progress of individual users or groups, analyze the effectiveness of your training, and monitor your sales activity.

iSpring Learn Capabilities

Reliable, stable, and secure cloud-based LMS which offers all features for implementing e-Learning.

Integration with iSpring tools

All courses and quizzes created with iSpring tools are perfectly compatible with iSpring Learn LMS.

Content management

Use a simple and logical folder-based interface to organize your e-Learning materials.

User management

Arrange your users into groups and organizations to set access permissions and get clearer reports.

Advanced reporting

Take advantage of a wide variety of reports to control your training more efficiently and effectively.

User portal

Change the colors, logos, and language of your user portal to reflect your corporate identity.

E-Commerce tools

Link to an online payment system, set the price for your courses, and sell them without a commission.


Automatically deliver certificates to your learners via email after they complete courses and quizzes.

iPad and Android app

Give users access to courses on their mobile devices with a free app that preserves statistics even offline.


NEW: Learning Path

A Learning Path is a set of materials that are taken gradually according to an individual pace of learning.

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Award-Winning Learning Management Software

E-Learning 24/7 analysts have listed iSpring Learn LMS in the top 3 solutions for online training in the small-to-medium business segment.

"The LMS is ideal for any small business because it packs just enough features to enhance and empower learning."

— Craig Weiss e-learning analyst, blogger

Excellent technical support

iSpring customers get personalized support for free. Highly skilled iSpring support professionals are specially trained to help you. More than 80% of cases are promptly resolved in less than two hours or immediately right over the phone.

Reviews from our customers

“iSpring has enabled us to develop lessons which teach complex navigation, meteorology, rules and regulations in a manner which maximizes student engagement and gets results. iSpring Learn provides us with a platform which not only allows the student and instructor to monitor progress but also with a way to sell and deliver our products simply and securely. Most importantly we receive fantastic, timely support from iSpring whenever we need help.“

John Corden

John Corden , RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Instructor

“First comes the ease of use. iSpring Learn has everything a corporation or educational organization would need in a well balanced way that favors the end user. So it hits the target which is to be usable and enjoyable.
Then it comes the support. I have never experienced such fast and accurate answers with professionalism and real caring for the customer.
And finally it's the pricing. All of the above reasonably priced.
Recommended for corporate learning professionals (HR) and educational organizations.“

Harry Kontonikas

Harry Kontonikas, Co-Owner & Managing Director at forward jam

“We chose iSpring Learn to deploy distance learning for both our employees and partner banks’ workers. iSpring met every criterion we had: mobility and ease of use, customizable and intuitive interface, ease of system administration and the capability to invite an unlimited number of users. We also really loved their team approach, which helped us in every task we had. It felt like we were working on our 10th common project, not the first one.
In 6 months, we managed to create and commence 126 unique courses, each of which includes a video, theoretical material, and a quiz. The iSpring LMS has provided us with every possibility to unlock every employee’s potential.“

Yury Grigoryan

Yury Grigoryan, Member of the board, Deputy General director, Head of HR and organization development at Alfa Capital Asset Management

“I have been working with the people at iSpring for nearly four years now. Each and every time I have had a question or customer service issue you quickly helped me so I could continue to be productive. Although your products are easy to use and documentation is very thorough, what stands out for me is your customer service. You genuinely care for me, the customer. Your company is a great blend of excellence in heart and mind.”

Andrew Papageorge

Andrew Papageorge, Founder GoInnovate!

“It is not enough just to buy the product. To provide a great user experience, any product should also be complemented with effective customer support. iSpring certainly has that. The thing I like most about iSpring's Support Team is that they patiently listen to the problem and carefully analyze it before coming up with a solution. Even when the case is resolved, they always follow up with me via email to make sure the issue doesn't recur. Go for iSpring! I can assure you that it will certainly help you make the most out of your business.“

Nalin Dubey

Nalin Dubey, Instructional Designer and E-Learning Architect New Delhi, India

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