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iSpring QuizMaker 7.1

Customizable, impressive, a mobile-ready quiz building tool that ensures e-Learning success.

  • Drag-and-drop questions
  • Flexible scoring
  • Branching scenarios

Innovate, create, meet deadlines and enjoy this easy and powerful tool!

 For Windows 8/7/XP/2003/Vista 32- and 64-bit

Develop Quizzes in Minutes!

iSpring QuizMaker 7 saves you time and lets you create sharp quizzes. Powerful and robust, it's amazingly easy to use.

Design Unique, Eye-Catching Quiz Formats

Want energizing content that engages your audience?
You can always personalize, customize and add vitality to your e-Learning format.

Font Styles

Customize font,
size and text

Custom Colors

Set up a color for
each quiz element
and a background


Add hyperlinks to
quiz questions
and info slides

Animation Effects

Apply animation
effects to answer

Answer Choices
with Images

Use pictures and
equations in
answer choices

Text Labels

Edit texts for labels,
buttons and titles

Create Distinctive Exclusively-Looking Quizzes

iSpring QuizMaker 7 offers you almost unlimited abilities to customize your quiz’s style, attributes and uniqueness.

Flexible Layout Options

Flexible Layout Options

Use pre-designed layouts or compose your own. You are in charge. Determine the quiz elements as you like.

Quiz Preview

Quiz Preview

Design a quiz using the WYSIWYG Slide View Tool and preview the entire quiz or any specified question.

Color Themes

Color Themes

Save time. Build quizzes using attractive built-in color palettes or your desired customized colors.

Why is iSpring QuizMaker Preferred?

Our clientele has embraced our technology, outstanding product
quality, and extra-mile tech support. We are constantly striving
to provide cutting-edge tools for this fast growing, excellence-driven


Educational Institutions

iSpring QuizMaker dynamically interacts with learners. You can develop quizzes and deliver them through any SCORM/AICC/TinCan compliant LMS.


Corporate Training

Empower your workforce.
Conveniently and efficiently
train them on-the-go with
Flash & HTML5 quizzes.



Launch your market research
campaigns and allow your iSpring
surveys to provide data-rich,
real time feedback.

Want more details? Let us help you.
Schedule a free demo with iSpring professionals.


Familiar With the Rich Media
Effect Multiplier?

Spice up your quizzes and engage your audience with
various forms of media.

iSpring QuizMaker can create audio and video questions, add hyperlinks, and provide images and formulas for both questions and answer choices.


Make your quizzes more captivating and gripping by adding video clips and Flash movies.


Include an audio track to a certain question or set a background audio during presentation playback.


To illustrate your ideas, add an image to your quiz and define its size and position into your layout.


Compose formulas in MS Equation Editor and watch them instantly being inserted into your quiz.

Comprehensive Question Variety

Choose from 11 graded and 12 non-graded question types that entertain and engage your students
using interactive and eye-catching formats.

Matching Questions
Hot Spot Questions
Sequence Questions
Multiple Choice Text
Survey Questions
Multiple Response

Utilize Branching Scenarios

Creating branching scenarios allows you to arrange personalized e-learner paths within every quiz.

Set up different outcomes for each question or
answer choice. Identify quiz takers’ strengths and
weaknesses in real time and then channel them to
relevant questions.

Branch to a Question

Send your quiz-takers to a specific slide depending on what answer they give to a certain question.

Branch to a Group

If a student answers correctly, you can foster the engagement by asking more challenging questions.

Branch to Info Slide

Branch questions to info slides to ensure your learners are exposed to more detailed info.

Branching per Answer

For some question types, branching and feedback messages can be set up for each answer choice.

Use Flexible Scoring

Grade your quiz takers fairly and accurately by
adjusting your quiz scoring system.

Set up the same scoring rules for the entire quiz,
or, when appropriate, treat each question individually,
thereby assessing the question difficulty.

Passing Score

Set point- or percentage-based
passing scores. Normalizing and
baselining quiz scores is always
an option.

Custom Points

Award points for each respective question and answer choice. Challenge your competitive e-learners!

Penalty Points

Motivate your learners to answer
all questions. Set your rules
to deduct points for incorrect
and unanswered questions.

Partial Answers

If your e-learners provide an incomplete or partial answer, you can provide partial credit for their answers.

Testing Rules

Use testing rules to maximize your test's value.

iSpring QuizMaker 7 lets you set up your custom testing rules to assign a value to each test.

Tailor your quiz to your wishes and demands. You know best - it’s your test.

Number of Attempts

You can set rules that limit
the number of times your
e-learners can attempt to
answer a question.

Set Time Limits

Jump-start your students'
motivation: specify time
limits for an entire quiz
or for each question.


Create a question pool and present a different subset of questions to each student in your class.

Quiz Submission

What if your e-learners skip questions? Simple. You can restrict test submission until all questions are answered.

Import Your Questions from Excel

Create a question database in MS Excel format and then instantly import it into iSpring QuizMaker 7.

Moreover, you can quickly update your quizzes by amending an Excel source file.

Track Quiz Results

Instantly receive statistics that includes users’ quiz score and quiz takers' answers to each question.

This enables you to stay up to date with your
students' growth and gives you valuable insight
to organize future e-Learning sessions.

Email Reporting

Reports can be sent via email. You always have your users' learning results at your fingertips.

Using Your LMS

Receive quiz completion statuses from your LMS, or track learners' activity with the Tin Can API.

Results Printout

Upon completion students can print their quiz results and get a record of their achievements.

Reporting to Server

If you have your own tracking system, detailed quiz reports can be sent to your server in XML format.

Take Advantage of Versatile Quiz Sharing

Quickly publish your quiz to various destinations.

Select your preferred publishing method, fine-tune settings, and click "Publish."

You are seconds away from sharing your quiz with the world.

Share via Web

If you are going to embed your quiz or survey to a website or blog, select publishing for the web.

Use Word for Printouts

Create a printable test copy and hand it out to your students congratulating them for passing the quiz.

Upload to LMS

Publish a quiz as a SCORM/AICC compatible package and upload it to your LMS.

iSpring LMS

Have your quizzes uploaded directly to the iSpring Online LMS from QuizMaker. It only takes seconds.

Extensive LMS Compatibility

Thanks to the professional support of the e-Learning
standards and community, iSpring QuizMaker tests
are easily delivered through any SCORM or AICC
compliant LMS.

You can always choose to publish content through
the BlackBoard Building Block or any Tin Can API
compatible system.

Run Your Quizzes on All
Screens and Devices

iSpring HTML5 technology enables you to create quizzes and surveys in any digital environment including desktops, laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.

iSpring ensures your quizzes respond to flawless playback and reporting inside any SCORM/AICC compatible LMS.

Demo Quizzes Created by iSpring

Studying the US
The Olympic Games
The History of Thanksgiving

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I really appreciate iSpring’s solution because it's simple to use, it's an invaluable tool, it aligns to my education and business priorities and it’s a definite priority necessity in my life!

— Steve Polanco

At first I was always troubled by how I can create Quizzes and 3D Book without going through the trouble to learn about Flash and more, iSpring just did it all
for me.

— Zhikuan Zhao

This product has allowed me to create expensive looking training material and tests for a minimal cost. The ability to create and send out class assignments tostudents 1200 miles away not only saves time, but travelexpenses that in the past would have put a strain on a company's budget. I absolutely love this product.

— Troy Roberts

I was looking for an application that will understand my need... I am overwhelmed by the functions and design of iSpring QuizMaker. Not only have I found a solution to my problem, I found a way of arousing the interest of some of my students who were struggling to finish up their work on time.

— Lantame Nikabou

I love Quiz Maker as its a fun and interactive way to capture survey information from prospective users and clients.

— Mike Chatfield

When colleagues seek out my recommendations for rapid eLearning development, iSpring is ALWAYS my #1 go-to.

— Alysia Hutchison
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