iSpring Presenter has been replaced by iSpring Suite

Try our flagship authoring tool

The up-to-date iSpring Suite comes with evenmore features than iSpring Presenter for your professional authoring experience

iSpring Suite = iSpring Presenter + new features:

  • Integration with Cloud sharing new
  • PowerPoint to video/YouTube new
  • Built-In Character library new

Using iSpring Presenter? Upgrade now for just $197!

What does end of support mean?

We will keep providing you with free tech support. However, newer versions of iSpring Presenter will no longer be shipped.

Why use iSpring Suite instead?

iSpring Suite equals iSpring Presenter plus a couple of extra options like PPT-to-video, characters and interactions.

Have any questions?

iSpring experts are ready to help you. Feel free to contact us.