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iSpring Presenter 7.1

Turn your message into a video presentation fast and easy right in PowerPoint.

Video presentation software

Create Video Presentations in Your PowerPoint

iSpring gives you powerful capabilities to create interactive online presentations.
Right in your PowerPoint. Fast and easy. No training required!

iSpring Presenter tab in PowerPoint

How iSpring Presenter Works

With iSpring Presenter you can rapidly create interactive presentations in PowerPoint, enhance them with rich media, branch viewing scenarios, add polls and surveys, and immediately share them all worldwide.

Add a spokesperson to your slides

The easy-to-use video editor helps you add a presenter video and adjust it to your slides. Use your webcam or import a pre-made video file.

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Add a spokesperson to your slides

Energize your presentation

Engage your audience with rich-media content and interactivity.

  • Use video on your slides, including YouTube and Vimeo
  • Insert live, navigable web pages
  • Use PowerPoint animations, hyperlinks and buttons
  • Create polls, surveys, and drag-n-drop quizzes
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Share Your Message in One Click!

Easily publish your presentation to portable online formats and share it on YouTube, iSpring Cloud, or SharePoint, put it into an LMS, or just host it on your website or blog.

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Share Your Message in One Click
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Your Slides Play Perfectly on Any Platform!

iSpring wraps your presentation into a smart adaptive player that accurately displays your content on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Play PowerPoint presentations on any device
Your Courses Availiable on iPad Online or Even Offline

Free Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android

iSpring Viewer app helps you to have your presentations always ready at hand, even on an airplane when there's no internet connection.

iSpring Player for Video Presentations

iSpring Player is specially designed for video presentations to provide an excellent user experience that goes far beyond PowerPoint.

Smart Navigation

Make your interactive presentation easy to navigate with a timeline, slide panel, hyperlinks, buttons, etc.

Full-Text Search

Search through all textual content of your slides and notes.

Custom Player Layout

Choose one of 8 standard layout presets or create your own custom player layout.

Dynamic Layout

Swap slides and presenter video on the fly to emphasize the key points of your message.

PowerPoint presentation for the Web


Access your external files and links anytime by attaching them to your project


Add any additional info, or include a narration script into the Notes tab.

Color Schemes

Use one of 16 standard color presets or create your own.

Your Branding

Add your logo and adjust the player to your corporate style.

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Success Stories from All Over World

  I really appreciate iSpring’s solution because it's simple to use, it's an invaluable tool, it aligns to my education and business priorities and it’s a definite priority necessity in my life!

— Steve Polanco

  At first I was always troubled by how I can create Quizzes and 3D Book without going through the trouble to learn about Flash and more, iSpring just did it all for me.

— Zhikuan Zhao

  This product has allowed me to create expensive looking training material and tests for a minimal cost. The ability to create and send out class assignments tostudents 1200 miles away not only saves time, but travelexpenses that in the past would have put a strain on a company's budget. I absolutely love this product.

— Troy Roberts

  I was looking for an application that will understand my need... I am overwhelmed by the functions and design of iSpring QuizMaker. Not only have I found a solution to my problem, I found a way of arousing the interest of some of my students who were struggling to finish up their work on time.

— Lantame Nikabou

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