A Must-Have Tool for E-Learning

iSpring Presenter 7

Create customizable, impressive, mobile-ready
E-Learning courses in PowerPoint

  • Record video and audio narrations
  • Add quizzes and surveys
  • Use smart player, perfect for all devices
Windows 8/7/Vista/XP 32- and 64-bit editions
Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013 Support

E-Learning Authoring Made Easy!

iSpring Presenter 7 is a beautifully engineered piece of software that allows you to create professional
mobile-ready presentations and take your authoring to a revolutionary new level.

Perfectly Integrated with Your PowerPoint

iSpring Presenter 7 simply adds a tab to the PowerPoint ribbon, and instantly provides you full access
to impressive e-Learning features that can swiftly build a complete course or an assessment.

Perfectly Integrated with Your PowerPoint Perfectly Integrated with Your PowerPoint

How iSpring Presenter Works

With iSpring Presenter you can rapidly create course content in PowerPoint, enhance it with video narrations,
create branching scenarios and quizzes and immediately publish it to mobile-ready formats.

Create Video Lectures
with Your Slides

Your learning content and topics become even
more engaging and spring to life with video
explanations. Record or import your presenter
video, sync it with slides and animations and
produce effective video lectures.

Additionally, you can enhance your courses with
voice overs, YouTube videos and Flash movies.

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Create Video Lectures with Your Slides

Add Interactive Quizzes
or Surveys

Design quizzes and surveys that seamlessly
integrate into your course, or simply publish
them as stand-alone assessments.

You can create truly engaging quizzes and
enhance comprehension with:

  • Audio and video questions
  • Questions with drag-and-drop
  • Branching scenarios
  • Customizable slide design
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Add Interactive Quizzes or Surveys

Publish Your Course
in One Click!

iSpring Presenter 7 includes convenient
publishing presets to accurately prepare
your course for different purposes: you
can burn a CD/DVD, post on a web page
or a blog, publish as a SCORM package
for an LMS or simply upload directly
to the iSpring Learn LMS.

Download iSpring Presenter 7 Free Trial
Publish Your Course in One Click!
View the tutorials and enhance your comprehension of iSpring Presenter 7! Video Tutorials

Play Your Course on All Platforms, All Devices!

Your audience always gets simple and instant access to your courses!
iSpring Presenter 7 publishes learning materials to all devices using an innovative Flash+HTML5 format.

Play Your Course on All Platforms, All Devices! Play Your Course on All Platforms, All Devices!

Mobile Platforms Supported

Android 3.x, 4.x
iPad (iOS 5.x, 6.x, 7.x)
Windows Phone 7.5, 8.x
Windows RT

Courses created with iSpring instantly adapt to screen size and orientation ensuring the learners’ experience
is consistently optimized for their screen of choice.

Flexible Player, Perfect on Any Screen!

Your learning audience should have a great customized experience: employ assisting navigation,
and fine-tune your player layout - you will truly create a unique look and feel.

Navigation Panel

Fine-tune your panel
and set up playback
rules for your


Access your external
files anytime
by attaching them
to your project

Custom Color

Use colors that
best match your
presentation design

Flexible Player, Perfect on Any Screen!
Presenter Video

Add a video narration
to your course or
an explanatory clip.


Add any additional info,
or include a narration
script into the Notes tab

Presentation Outline

Easily preview
and navigate using
the outline option

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Why Is iSpring Preferred?

iSpring’ highest reliability, fast performance and rapid incorporation of the latest
e-Learning trends attracts individuals and businesses from different industries.
Thousands of our clients enjoy how easily iSpring tools blend with their learning
environment and become preferable instruments for e-Learning authoring.

Why Is iSpring Preferred?
Educational Institutions

Create courses with engaging quizzes,
effortlessly upload to any SCORM or
AICC compatible LMS and track the
effectiveness of your learning.

Corporate Training

Ensure your colleagues’ knowledge
is up-to-date: quickly build courses
with assessments to educate your
co-workers online.

E-Learning Development

Instructional designers and graphic
artists rely on iSpring’s ability to
retain even the most complicated
PowerPoint content in a web-ready
version of a course.

Want more details? Let us help you.
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Powerful E-Learning Facilities

A cool and robust authoring features you must have when creating a professional e-Learning course

Course Protection

Secure your valuable content against piracy and unauthorized access with a password and watermark. Set your course to play on a specified web page only or during designated time period.

Complementing Resources and Media

Enhance your course with other media channels: Flash movies, YouTube videos, Web Objects, voice overs and background audio. Plus, you can attach document (PDF, DOC or any other file), so that these resources become available from a course player tab.

Adaptive Testing with Flexible Scoring

Apply custom points for each answer choice, use penalty points, set time limitation per question, restrict number of attempts, and take advantage of many other scoring options to precisely keep track of training effectiveness.

Expertly-Organized Course Structure

You can craft and order your course into an easy-to-navigate structure by arranging slides into nested groups. This is particularly helpful for courses that include multiple topics and sub-topics. Setting branching scenarios with presentation slides is always an option.

Broadest LMS Compatibility

Flawless support of SCORM and AICC standards ensures
that iSpring Presenter quickly integrates with your
e-Learning environment. No special adjustments needed
to receive the most detailed reports on your courses.

iSpring Presenter 7 supports the Tin Can API which enables
viewers’ activity data collection from multiple sources.

Broadest LMS Compatibility
Your Courses Availiable on iPad Online or Even Offline

Your Courses Available on iPad
and Android. Even Offline.

With our new free mobile app, iSpring Viewer, all your e-Learning courses and quizzes are available on iPads and Android devices anytime and anywhere.

With iSpring Viewer, your learners can download all e-Learning materials on their devices to view them even when no Internet access is available.

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Businesses, Universities, Popular Brands Rely On iSpring

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Businesses, Universities, Popular Brands Rely On iSpring

Success Stories from All Over the World

Tritia Pocci

iSpring' s HTML/HTML5 playeris responsive on all screen sizes and functions seamlessly on i-devices. Our presentation laden with animations on several slides and transitions to sync with audio rendered surprisingly well even in HTML5. I would urge anyone who uses PowerPoint to give iSpring products a test drive!

— Tritia Pocci , President/Managing Director IntegrAid.org
Greggory DeVore

The feature of iSpring I am most excited about is the ability to export to HTML5.The benefit of iSpring is that the majority of features that are created in PowerPoint can now be used to create engaging interactive programs for the mobile marketplace. For those of you who want to do the same, I invite you to join the fun!

— Greggory DeVore, M.D/Director Fetal Diagnostic Centers
Dustin Bauman

iSpring is the most reliable, versatile and most powerful tools that truly convert all PowerPoint features, including triggers. Additionally, iSpring works and reports correctly with every LMS I have tested it with. I highly recommend iSpring, as a product, as a company and as a team. Keep up the great work!

— Dustin Bauman iApproach.com
Troy Roberts

This product has allowed me to create expensive looking training material and tests for a minimal cost. The ability to create and send out class assignments to students 1200 miles away not only saves time, but travel expenses that in the past would have put a strain on a company's budget. I absolutely love this product!

— Troy Roberts
Rimaz Nazeer

iSpring is the best, "the best" E-Learning software provider available. I have used it on many occasions and it yet never ceases to amaze me. Quizzes are a cup of tea, if you have iSpring with you. iSpring rocks!!

— Rimaz Nazeer
Doug Wolfgram

I like iSpring because it is the only PowerPoint conversion tool that creates the high quality slides that I need. PLUS they understand the move to HTML5 and are leading the way!

— Doug Wolfgram
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