PowerPoint to SCORM Converter

Create SCORM-Compatible E-Learning Courses

The easiest way to create SCORM-compliant content is to use a powerful plug-in for PowerPoint – iSpring Converter Pro. It simply adds a tab to your PowerPoint and thus makes all the options available in one click.

  • SCORM 1.2
  • SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, 4th editions)
Create SCORM-Compatible E-Learning Courses
Why do I need to convert PPT to SCORM?

PowerPoint is the number one tool to create learning materials. However, PPT presentations have limited LMS support or no tracking at all.

Convert your presentation to a SCORM-compatible format with iSpring Converter Pro. Effortlessly convert your course, upload it to an LMS of your choice and track your learners’ results.

Mike Cerantola

– Been using iSpring Pro since version 7 has been in beta and I LOVE IT! Wish you guys success! It’s an awesome tool.

Mike Cerantola
Tushar Maniar

– With increasing popularity of mobile devices, HTML5 format is very useful. I was able to test iSpring Pro 7 to create HTML5 courses with ease.

Tushar Maniar

Create SCORM in 2 Clicks

To create a SCORM package, click "Publish" on iSpring Converter Pro tab that appears right on PowerPoint ribbon. The list of possible formats opens. Select the most preferable e-Learning standard for your course.

SCORM package as easy as that!

Advanced E-Learning Features

Add Video and Audio Narrations

Enrich your course with numerous multimedia, easily sync narrations and make your course stand out.

Play Course on All Devices

Create courses in a mobile-friendly HTML5 format and view them on any platforms and any devices.

Customize Courses’ Player

You can freely choose the color scheme and style of your presentation or add to it branding features

Protect Your Course

Choose protection features for the course you’ve created – password, watermark or time restrictions.

Tin Can API Support

Create Tin Can API compatible e-Learning courses to get far more detailed information and feedback from your e-Learning materials.

Take advantage of this high-end e-Learning standard with iSpring. Tin Can API enables you to record and track learning results from multiple resources thus providing more detailed statistics.

Tin Can API Support

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– iSpring Pro7 is by far the best programmed e-learning PowerPoint to Flash or HTML5 software I was working with!

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