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Gamification Vs. Game-Based Learning

While the terms “gamification” and “game-based learning” are often considered to be interchangeable, in fact they aren’t. To understand the difference and learn how to incorporate these methods in your e-Learning projects, watch this recording of the most attended iSpring webinar ever, presented by Andrew Hughes, the president of Designing Digitally.

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Top 6 Cameras for Video Lectures

In this article, we will review cameras (webcams and camcorders) for close-up filming of an instructor’s head at an office desk, also called a talking head. Picking the right recording gear is the lion’s share of the overall success in creating an effective video lecture. Select a camera from $50 to $2,000 to make your e-Learning courses more engaging and personal.

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iSpring Suite Takes 3rd in Top 25 Enterprise Software Products

iSpring in the G2 Crowd top 25

G2 Crowd released the Top 25 Enterprise Software Products, which includes all types of software. The list is based on enterprise (1,000+ employees) user reviews and on how likely they would recommend this software to their colleagues or friends. G2 Crowd had collected opinions from August 1, 2015 to July 31, 2016. We are proud to say that iSpring Suite is in 3rd place out of 25.

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Five Ways to Insert a YouTube Video into a PowerPoint Presentation

One sure and simple way to enhance a PowerPoint presentation is to add a video from YouTube. This website is chock-full of educational and entertaining videos that can add a dynamic element to your content. Whether you want to use your own footage or “borrow” it from somebody else’s channel, here are the five ways to insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation.

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Top LMS Industry Facts of 2016

Top LMS industry facts

The LMS Industry is rapidly growing and developing. As far back as 30 years ago, there were around 15 LMS vendors on the market; today the number exceeds 700. Isn’t that amazing? We asked our partner, the vendor of JoomlaLMS Learning Management System, to create an infographic on interesting LMS Industry facts and statistics.

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Formative and Summative Assessments in an Online Classroom

Assessment is a key tool in the learning and teaching process. It helps both students and instructors evaluate student learning and see how much students are actually grasping of the presented material and when it’s time to move on. Two types of assessment, formative and summative, come into play within instruction, and each type has its place in the online as well as the physical classroom.

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New Capabilities of iSpring Learn Mobile App for iOS

New Capabilities for iOS Mobile App

The iSpring Learn free mobile app was specifically designed for students of iSpring Learn LMS. Since it appeared, it has been constantly evolving, providing users with new opportunities. To check out the latest updates, read this article.

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How to Train Customer Care to Deal with Angry Clients Through Dialog Simulations

We know that you know that the customer is always right. Period. No matter what, the customer is always right. Even if they shout at the customer care specialist. Even if they are angry, and rude, and totally impolite. They are our customers, and we do our best to calm them down and restore their trust in our company.

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How to Structure a PowerPoint Presentation

How do you manage a presentation that’s too big? You break it down into smaller parts. This step-by-step guide demonstrates how to structure your PowerPoint presentation in both editing and viewing mode. See how to combine slides into logical groups, create an interactive table of contents for non-linear navigation, and more.

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Guide to Selecting the Best Voice Over Microphone

How to select the best voice over microphone

Recording a voiceover is a field of knowledge that includes many disciplines from learning how to speak into a microphone to selecting the right software for recording your audio narrations by reading a script. Picking the right recording gear is the lion’s share of the overall success in recording a professional voiceover. In this article, you will learn how to select the right microphone that will help you record great audio narrations.

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