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Get Premium Service with Your iSpring License Pack


Today is the best time to get an iSpring license pack and take advantage of the Corporate Benefits Program.

Starting with a 5-license pack, you get access to the VIP zone with an exclusive iSpring Premium Plan and additional discounts on iSpring products and services.

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5 Digital Storytelling Assignments in the Classroom

Digital storytelling takes advantage of the vast array of today’s technological options to tap into storytellers’ creativity. This technique uses animation, video, music, images, and other multimedia to compile a narrative. The following 5 examples of digital storytelling in the classroom demonstrate that it can be used for its surface purpose: to develop narratives or practice a foreign language, as well as in content courses to present and discuss abstract concepts and material.

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Case Study: Education through technology

iSpring is an e-Learning development tool that enables educators to take e-Learning to a completely new level. With this comprehensive software, course authors can build presentations with audio narrations, create vignettes, embed interactive images, seamlessly integrate screencasts, and even create quizzes.

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How to Create Conversation Simulations with iSpring

Conversation or dialogue simulations created in iSpring TalkMaster are extremely helpful for training communication skills. To help you master this authoring tool, we’ve given a special webinar where iSpring experts shared their knowledge and experience. If you didn’t make it to the live webinar, feel free to explore its recording and transcript.

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Case Study: Communicating the Power of Listening


My name is Tim Wright and I am an HR practitioner and theorist. I work in the advertising industry and am a part of two Human Resources networks that are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and best practices.

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How to Test Mobile Content Effectively

Why does mobile content have to be tested? What is Quality Assurance, and how do you apply QA strategies for mobile training deployment? You can find answers for these and related questions in this recording of the expert webinar with Mark Simon, who has over 25 years of hands-on experience with design, development, and delivery of e-Learning and instructor-led training.

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Top 5 E-Learning Authoring Tools

Top 5 e-Learning authoring tools

The content used for teaching is different: it can be a textbook or a presentation, quiz, video lecture, software simulation, game, etc.

This work is not just another brief feature comparison. The key point of this article is to help you build your perfect authoring toolbox based on your needs.

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How to Share Courses and Tests without an LMS


Once you’ve created a course or a test, the easiest way to share it is to use iSpring Cloud, a web hosting and sharing platform. Last week, we held a free webinar on this service, demonstrating its basics and the difference from iSpring Learn LMS. Here’s the recording and the script of this webinar that we’ve provided for your convenience.

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iSpring Maintenance: Unlimited Upgrades, Live Support and Discounts


No matter how cool iSpring tools are, they will get even cooler with time, as iSpring engineers regularly add new functionality to the current products. All upgrades are now available under the Maintenance Plan that took effect with the release of version 8 in October 2015. In this article, you’ll learn what this plan features and what tangible results it’s brought to iSpringers so far.

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LSCON 2016: Engaging Session and the Great Debate

LSCON 2016: The Great Debate

On March 16-18, iSpring experts took part in the Learning Solutions Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL. This year, visitors attended two iSpring stage sessions with e-Learning experts, Mark Simon and Joe Ganci.

Mark Simon is a Principal Training Consultant at HiMark Solutions and an Adjunct Professor in the Instructional Design graduate program at UMass Boston. Mark has 25 years of experience in e-Learning design and development.

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