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Coming Soon: iSpring Customer Story Contest


In August, we’ll launch a contest for our customers. The idea is very simple – write a story about your experience with iSpring tools and share it on your social media pages, blog or company website. The authors of the most popular stories will get cool gifts from iSpring.

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Create more advanced content using iSpring, right out of the box

Mike Sheyahshe webinar

Do you follow iSpring webinars? If yes, give us five – if not, it won’t take long to catch up. The latest webinar, starring Michael Sheyahshe, was devoted to creating more advanced content using iSpring right out of the box.

While the topic was rather broad, Michael managed to cover many specific points like using branching scenarios, leveraging PowerPoint, creating interactions with Web objects, and much more. Care for details and special tips?

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6 Tips to Create Engaging Training Videos

How to Create Training Videos

Today’s internet viewers have very high expectations of their web content. When they get bored with it, they tend to move on rather quickly. Just like in a live environment, first you have to get their attention, then you have to keep it. There are technical tips you can follow to achieve and maintain student interest in the creation of high-quality educational and training videos.

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Join iSpring Community in French

Join iSpring Community in French

As Michel de Montaigne, a famous French philosopher, once said, “No pleasure has any savor for me without communication.”

We have some great news for all French-speaking e-Learners! In June, we’ve launched a new iSpring community in French. Now you have an opportunity to stay tuned for e-Learning news and upcoming events in your native language.

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5 Test Makers for Teachers and E-Learning Developers


Once executed with paper and pencil, more and more tests are becoming digital nowadays. Assessment tools allow users to choose from a variety of interactive question types, publish tests for the Web and LMSs, and automatically collect statistics. The following comparison of the top five test makers will help you find the best tool according to your specific needs.

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Top 3 Latest Updates to iSpring Learn LMS

3 Updates in iSpring Learn LMS

In this article, you will learn about the latest improvements made to iSpring LMS to help you teach even more effectively.

There’s no need to download PDF documents anymore. They are opened right in the system wrapped up in a special player. Switch between the pages by clicking on the arrows on the screen or by pushing them on your keyboard.

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Why Are MOOCs A Trend: Facts and Figures

The technological revolution has brought much opportunity in many areas, opening a new communication channel to traditional human interactions. The realm of education is not excluded from the changes heralded by communication technology. Along with a wave of technology-based innovations that transform our traditional world have come Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

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5 Master Tips for Creating Customer Service Training Courses

How to Create Customer Support Training Courses

While markets become increasingly volatile and competitive, it is high time for businesses to focus on customer service and make sure each individual client is satisfied and wants to come back. Did you know that 70% of purchase experiences are based on how a customer feels he or she is being treated, while 91% of unhappy clients refuse to willingly do business with the company again?

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Case Study: Creating a nonlinear course in a breeze


One of my University projects was to create an e-Learning resource to aid an animal based field trip to South Africa where students would be learning about insect classification in particular and then identifying insects found in the field. I considered using a variety of different software types but ultimately decided upon iSpring Suite.

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Jane Bozarth’s Designing for Accessibility

In talking about material for learners who have visual impairments, I hear people use terms like “material is accessible to screen reader software” without really understanding what that means. Technically, yes, it means the material can be read aloud by the software. But is the experience learner-friendly? And are we sure important information is conveyed? Click on the audio examples below to hear what the screen-reading user hears.

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