Protect your Flash kid!

Author's rights law. Every country has it to protect authors and their creations from being stolen. Each of your Flash movies is unique: you put your knowledge, imagination and soul into it. I am sure you don't want other people use it without your permission. Are there any ways to protect your Flash movie if it is published online? The answer is "yes". With iSpring it is very easy. Continue reading!If you use any of iSpring products - Pro, Presenter or SDK - you can publish your presentation in Separate Flash files mode. In this case when the one tries to download your presentation they'll be able to download just the player it's wrapped in and not the slides. So there is no way the downloaded presentation can be viewed other than from the site you placed it at.Is iSpring SDK the tool you convert your PowerPoint presentations to Flash with? Use Restrict domain option and point domains and subdomains where the Flash movie can be viewed. Your presentation can be downloaded but not played!There are a few more security features that will protect your presentation. If you click Publish button on iSpring toolbar and choose Settings tab, you'll see two options Disable Flash printing and Disable Flash menu that can give your Flash movie additional protection. These features will make printing of the whole Flash file impossible.And this is not all! You can easily add the Presenter information, like name, e-mail, web and moreover put your logo directly to the presentation. It will carry the copyright information of the content.When you use iSpring to convert your PowerPoint presentations to Flash you are in control! Don't you think it's cool?!
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