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iSpring Announces New Articles in Knowledge Base

iSpring’s developers are unparalleled in their industriousness in rolling out brand-new innovations, and our crack team of testers are no slouches either. That leaves our technical writers the daunting task of keeping up with all this productivity to produce clear, lucid descriptions and explanations of all the hot new features we’re bringing into play.

Of course, the iSpring writing team is well up to the challenge. (Hey, if we don’t toot our own horn, who else will?) So, we’re proud to announce the publication of a few more Knowledge Base articles which we trust will be enlightening for our users, old and new.

In this update, we’re announcing an “LMS Edition.”

CSV file import into iSpring hosted LMS

Enrolling users in your training program or e-class can easily be done in bulk — even in great bulk — with iSpring’s convenient spreadsheet method. Simply pop open the .CSV template in Excel and fill in your list with as many details as you like. Find out the full step-by-step procedure with this handy guide!

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How to set up automatic login in iSpring LMS

Automatic login is a standard feature on all social networks nowadays: after all, who wants to log in every single time just to check her profile? With iSpring LMS, you can provide this handy feature to your users, so they can get straight to learning.

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How to track Progress Achievement per user in iSpring LMS

Need a quick overview of comparative user performance? Want to know who’s at the head of the class, and who may be a little behind the curve? Use iSpring Learn’s “Progress Achievement” report to grab a snapshot of everything you need to know.

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Resume option in iSpring LMS

With iSpring LMS, learners can resume a course from where they left off. This feature becomes very important when it comes to large courses. It is also essential if some of your users cannot complete the whole course in one try.

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Enjoy reading! And tell us what else you’d love to learn about. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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