iSpring 4.2 shows an ultimate quality of animation conversion

Sometimes we get emails from our clients who worry if iSpring products are able to keep animations and transitions in their rich-animated presentations.You don't have to worry about animation conversion quality of iSpring. In this post I will show you something that you might have never seen before.About 1,5 month ago I participated in SlideBoom Presentation Contest 2009 with my presentation called Funk You. My goal was to show several never-seen-before effects created completely in PowerPoint 2007 and get them converted to Flash without any distortion. In addition I wanted my presentation to play synchronously with a funk style sound track called "We Will Funk You" (based on "We will rock you" by Queen) written by my friend Megus, a talented programmer and musician.Having spent several nights on the presentation I finally made it. It worths to say that even being iSpring Team Lead I had some worries about final result. An original presentation size was 28 megabytes with some slides containing hundreds of animated objects. To achieve the desired results I had to apply up to 4 simultaneously running animation effects to an object. It was a really challenging task simply to make such effects in PowerPoint.However, my worries were unfounded - the Flash presentation generated with iSpring Pro was exactly the same as an original PowerPoint presentation. Moreover, the result was even better than original - some effects were too heavy for PowerPoint itself and music was not playing synchronously with animations because PowerPoint had to make pauses in the beginning of heavy slides. Flash version of the presentation worked smoothly.Seeing is believing - here is it:Updated: I have tried to convert this presentation using several PowerPoint to Flash products of other software vendors and found out that most of them failed to convert it 100% correct - the converted presentations had various visual and audio artifacts spoiling the whole impression. In this case this presentation can be considered as a benchmark for PPT to Flash tools.You may download an original PPTX presentation (33 Mb ZIP archive) and use it to compare conversion quality of different PowerPoint to Flash solutions.
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