Facebook at Work: An App that Combines Social Media and e-Learning

We value the opportunity that social media provides us to stay connected and informed.

When it comes to being productive, however, social media has a bad connotation. We love to use it to procrastinate.


But what if Facebook can also be a tool for e-Learning? Facebook at Work combines social media and e-Learning to create an online environment where offices can post, work together, and learn from one another. As the original Facebook was designed exclusively for college students, Facebook at Work is exclusive to an office or company group.

Trainingzone.com looks at Facebook at Work's potential to boost e-Learning through social media. Jane Hart, author of the Social Learning Handbook 2014, stresses that "the proliferation of social tools makes social learning a powerful way to improve workplace performance."

But will the workplace catch on when social media is also seen as a distraction?

Facebook at Work "enables companies to create their own private, closed social platform that won't include advertisements. Facebook also says that private means private and they won't be tracking data within these closed social spaces."

The platform looks like the regular Facebook, which might help users feel comfortable exploring. There will be no distracting advertisements. More importantly, the security users feel in knowing they are not being tracked has the potential to create an online environment that stimulates the mind and fosters peer-to-peer e-Learning.

Social media has the potential to strengthen the power of e-Learning both in schools and in the workplace.

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