Displaying a presentation list on your web site

We receive a lot of questions from our customers on how to make a list of clickable presentations and have them opened  in a new, current  or a popup browser window on a mouse click. In this post I am going to give you some idea on how to make those links work your way.

Opening a presentation in a current browser window

Solution: add target="_self" parameter into following HTML tag:
 <a href="pres.html" target="_self">Open in current window</a>
This will look like this:Happy Helloween Principles of marketing

Opening a presentation in a new browser window

Solution: add target="_blank" parameter into following HTML tag: <a href="presentation_name.html" target="_blank">Presentation title</a>It gives us:Happy Helloween Principles of marketing

Opening a presentation in a popup window

Solution: Add a simple JavaScript function to your HTML code. If exact dimensions of a new window are important you can declare them in the function's body:
function OpenWindow(url, name)
    window.open(url, title, "resizable=0,width=954,height=620");
Change a corresponding piece of HTML code into:
 <a href="#" onclick="javascript:OpenWindow('presentation.html', 'Popup');">Presentation title</a>
This will give us exactly what we needBy the way, your presentations links can be displayed not only as an insipid list, but as images, too. In this case you need to put an <img src="image path"> tag within <a>:
<a href="#" onclick="javascript:OpenWindow('presentation.html', 'Popup');"><img src="thumbnail.jpg"/></a>
Thus your website visitors can click a presentation thumbnail to view it in a pop-up window.Hope this information is helpful. You are always welcome to contact our Support Team support@ispringsolutions.com if you need any further instructions.
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