Case Study: E-Learning Even Makes Med School Easier

Csaba Szigeti, Professor of Anatomy Medical University of Szeged

I am Csaba Szigeti MSc, PhD, and I have been working as an assistant professor of anatomy in the Department of Anatomy at the Medical University of Szeged, Hungary for 15 years.


We searched for a modern interactive method for our students that would help to increase the time spent with anatomy learning outside of the dissection room. We thought about e-Learning as the base concept. When we decided to launch e-Learning for teaching our students, we then realized that we needed good reliable software which would fulfill our aims.


We found iSpring on the Internet; I contacted the Support Team, which addressed my questions in the most professional way. That helped me a lot to discover more information about the software and make my choice. 

We did a research in the form of a case study to test the students’ experiences and summarize our observations with iSpring Suite. According to the objective and subjective data, iSpring software did a great job, we could manage our aims extremely easily and scientifically with the user friendly interface and the customizable quiz questions. Below you may see a detailed presentation about the results that we got with iSpring:

The Result

Our students were extremely satisfied with the tests made with iSpring. Their experiences and the subjective opinions speak for themselves. The students’ attitude towards difficult anatomy topics changed in positive ways because of the new innovative test methods offered by iSpring. We have been using iSpring software as an alternative choice for students for one and a half years now.  The Support Team was extremely helpful every time we contacted them. The professionalism plus the quick and very helpful emails made the hard times also easy :)

To whom would you recommend iSpring? 

I would recommend iSpring for all those who want to manage e-Learning courses with useful software, especially if you want a great looking interactive quiz interface.

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