How to uninstall iSpring from your computer

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The quick answer is: “Uninstall it as you would any other program on your PC.”

Always try before you buy – this is an integral part of the Shareware philosophy and true approach for evaluating software, and we are all about it! Thanks to iSpring’s software architecture, it’s easy and flawless to both install and uninstall the software from your computer running Windows OS. So, even if the program doesn’t satisfy your requirements, you can easily delete it.

Another case when you need to uninstall is when you have purchased an upgrade for an iSpring product (e.g., upgraded from Pro 6.0 to Pro 7.0) and don’t want the previous version to remain on your computer.

Let’s see how to go about this simple task. Follow these steps to remove iSpring from your computer (Windows 7):

  1. 1

    Make sure your PowerPoint is closed.

  2. 2

    Go to Windows Start Menu → Control Panel.

  3. 3

    Select Uninstall a program.

    Windows control panel

    Note: The utility name and the way you open it can vary in different Windows versions. Check out how to access this tool in Windows 8. Also you can run this utility by its system name.

  4. 4

    Select the iSpring program you want to uninstall in the list of programs and click Uninstall.

    List of programs
  5. 5

    The uninstall Wizard window will open and display the progress bar.

    iSpring Suite 7 uninstall
  6. 6

    The Wizard will prompt you to deactivate the license. In most cases, use the Deactivate License option. If you’re planning to reinstall at some point, you may prefer to keep it active.
    Read more about deactivating your iSpring license →

    Deactivation window
  7. 7

    The uninstallation process can take from one to three minutes. After that, the iSpring product will be removed from the list of programs and the PowerPoint toolbar.

How do I run the “Uninstall a program” utility fast?

Now let’s learn some “hacker stuff.” To call the Uninstall a program Windows utility, you can also go like this:

  1. Open Run (Win + R). Alternatively, press the Win button to open Windows search programs and files.

  2. Type appwiz.cpl and press Enter.

    Run window appwiz.cpl

What could be faster and more impressive?

appwiz.cpl is the system’s name for the Uninstall a program wizard, so it will work across different versions of Windows, because this name stays intact. That means, it works with the oldest Windows XP (which supports iSpring products) all the way through to the newer versions, including the latest Windows 8.


Q: I have purchased the new version of iSpring – Pro 7. Do I need to keep the old one (Pro 6.2)? If not, how can I uninstall it?

A: iSpring Pro 7 is a next-generation product that includes all the capabilities of Pro 6 and even more. Therefore, we recommend uninstalling the older version and handling your tasks with the newer one. Uninstall the product using the standard Windows Uninstall a program utility.

Q: How do I remove an iSpring tab from my PowerPoint?

A: Close PowerPoint. Uninstall the iSpring program using the standard Windows Uninstall a program utility. After that, launch PowerPoint again. The iSpring tab will no longer be there.

Note: If you simply would like to temporarily remove the tab from the PowerPoint ribbon, then right click on your PowerPoint ribbon and click Customize the Ribbon. Uncheck add-ins you don’t need and then click OK.

PowerPoint Customize ribbon

Q: I got a new computer. Do I need to uninstall iSpring on the old computer prior to installing the license on the new one?

A: Yes, uninstall iSpring from your old computer and deactivate the license to be able to use it on another machine. Otherwise, your license activation will be lost if you no longer have access to your older computer, and you will have to contact iSpring support to restore your activations.

If you still have any questions, please ask them in our Community Forum.

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