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Why iSpring Suite

Supercharged for eLearning Authoring

iSpring Suite is designed to quickly develop mobile-ready eLearning in PowerPoint. The toolkit helps you create eLearning courses, quizzes, video presentations, dialogue simulations and screencasts without any special training.

Over 54,000 clients worldwide choose iSpring authoring tools, including 148 companies from the Fortune 500 and the world’s leading universities. iSpring Suite helps develop professional eLearning content for a wide variety of industries: IT, banking, trade, manufacturing, medicine and education.

Easy and Powerful Like PowerPoint

Creating eLearning courses with iSpring Suite doesn’t require any special training. Since iSpring is integrated into your PowerPoint, you already know how to use it.

You can take any PowerPoint project and quickly convert it into an eLearning course ready for Learning Management Systems. Learners can easily take iSpring courses on any device.

Supports All PowerPoint Features

iSpring turns PowerPoint presentations into HTML5/Flash courses with outstanding accuracy, preserving all slide elements, animations, transitions and triggers.

After publishing with iSpring Suite, your presentations and courses will play on any device and look and feel exactly as they do in PowerPoint.

Animations and triggers

iSpring Suite preserves all PowerPoint animations, including their directions, timings and triggers.

Transition effects

The toolkit supports all PowerPoint 2016 transitions, including complex 3D effects.

Supercharged to Develop eLearning

iSpring Suite supports all PowerPoint features and enhances its eLearning capabilities. With this powerful multi-tool, you can create and combine an extensive variety of eLearning content: PowerPoint-based courses, video lectures, quizzes, interactions, dialogue simulations and screen recordings. Explore some examples of courses created with iSpring Suite.


Space Shuttle Course. This course about the Space Shuttle program is actually a simple PowerPoint presentation, enriched with an audio narration and an interactive quiz created with iSpring Suite.


Creating a Podcast Training. Rick Zanotti has over 7 years of podcasting experience, and he created this training to share his knowledge. The video lecture has a 50/50 layout to display both the lecturer and the presentation he is demonstrating.


Mt. Everest Quiz. This interactive quiz about Mount Everest demonstrates the variety of iSpring’s quiz capabilities: 12 question types, information slides, feedback and branching features, and more!


Car Sale Dialogue. This dialogue simulation was created to train salespeople’s communication skills. It’s built on a complex branching scenario, and uses feedback messages to help the learner understand the consequences of his or her answer choices.

Courses That Work Everywhere

You can give learners more ways to access courses. iSpring Suite produces HTML5 content that automatically adapts to the size and orientation of your device — be it a Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android or Windows Phone.

Extensive LMS Compatibility

Your eLearning materials can be uploaded to any LMS, because iSpring Suite supports virtually all eLearning standards: SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, xAPI (Tin Can) and cmi5.

Just publish content right to your LMS or — if you don’t have one yet — try iSpring Learn LMS.

Live Expert Support

iSpring offers customers complimentary technical support from highly skilled professionals. We are committed to assisting our customers with any product-related questions.

For over 10 years, iSpring tools have been helping people from all over the world to create professional eLearning content.

Incredible Value at a Reasonable Price

iSpring Suite

Annual subscription to the ultimate bundle of iSpring authoring tools and services

$970 / year
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The key components of iSpring Suite:

iSpring QuizMaker Industry-leading tool for building interactive assessments
iSpring Converter Pro Best-in-class PowerPoint to HTML5 and SCORM converter
iSpring TalkMaster Branching scenario tool for training communication skills
iSpring Cam Pro Lightweight video studio for creating screencasts and tutorials
iSpring Flip Fast tool for creating SCORM flipping books from Word and PDF
iSpring Visuals Template-based tool for building media-rich eLearning interactions
Content Library 55,000+ templates and characters for faster course creation
iSpring Cloud Cloud service for fast content sharing and collaboration
24/7 customer support Instant help from iSpring pros via phone, email, and chat
Regular upgrades New authoring features and tools, plus monthly updates

iSpring Suite 9

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Learn everything you want to know about iSpring Suite in a 30-minute webinar.