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iSpring Suite: Developer Edition

Control Presentation Playback

If you are a JS Developer, iSpring Suite DX empowers you to create programmable presentations, integrate them into your site, and fully customize playback.

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Customize presentation playback
on your site or app

Use JavaScript API to customize course playback on a site or mobile app: pause/resume, jump to any slide, and navigate between slides.

Build custom presentation players

With iSpring Player SDK, you can fully customize the way your presentations look. For example, build a custom mobile player or adjust the player design with your brand guidelines.

Build custom presentation players

Get detailed data on content views

Monitor how people view your iSpring-made content: how many slides they view and how much time spent on each slide. The results can be sent to an email or server.

Build custom presentation players

See how many
slides were viewed

Track how much time
users spend on each slide

Get quiz results to
your email or server

Technical Support

A JS Developer Support Plan includes an API capabilities demo, assistance with Suite DX API, and consulting on custom players built using the API.

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iSpring Suite: Developer Edition

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