Learning Paths New

Step-by-step learning paths

You can create a step-by-step learning path for each employee or department. For example, it can be a 2-week program for trainees or a half-year learning path for sales managers.

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Learning path structure

You can easily divide a learning path into chapters. Each chapter consists of a sequence of learning materials: courses, practical exercises, and assessments. You can set a strict completion order where learners can progress to the next chapter only after they have completed the previous one.


You can set deadlines for a learning path or separate chapters once, and then just assign the learning path to new users. The system will automatically set the pace of learning: it will monitor and set deadlines and make new chapters available for learners.

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Completion notifications

You can choose users who will get notifications when students complete a learning path. For example, when a new hire completes a welcome course, the system instantly notifies their manager, Head of HR, and Head of Training.

SCORM support

All SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 content, whether created with iSpring or 3rd-party tools, is perfectly registered and tracked in iSpring Learn.

Variety of supported formats

Feel free to upload your video tutorials (FLV, MP4), Flash clips (SWF) and audio tracks (MP3, WAV), as well as supplementary documents (PDF, DOC, XLS, PPT).

Unlimited storage space

iSpring Learn simply doesn’t impose any limitations on the number of hosted files. So feel free to upload as much content as you want!

Freeform assignments

Assign freeform tasks to your employees or students. When a student submits the task for review, you will get a notification and will be able to assess and comment on it.

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Powerful authoring tool

Quickly develop high-quality courses and tests with the powerful iSpring Suite. The perfect integration lets you enjoy advanced reporting capabilities that you won’t get with any other LMS.

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Email invitations

Add new users by sending them invitation emails right from iSpring Learn. You can instantly specify the groups to which new users will belong.


You don’t have to register every user you would like to take a course. Just share the direct link to your content, and learners will be able to register in iSpring LMS by themselves.

Import from CSV files

To instantly add a large number of users and quickly edit their profile information, you can use CSV files.

Groups and organizations

All the users can be combined into groups, and groups into organizations. This classification system allows you to easily manage permissions and also get more targeted reports.

User roles

There’s no need to manage iSpring Learn single-handed. Assign users of your LMS the following roles: administrator, organization administrator, author and user.

Unlimited administrators

Unlike some other LMSs, iSpring Learn doesn’t charge any fee for administrators. Feel free to apply administrator roles to as many users as you want.

Active and inactive users

iSpring Learn allows you to have any number of registered users and pay for active users only. You can deactivate users anytime: they won’t be able to log in, but their progress data will be preserved.

Custom user fields

iSpring Learn allows you to configure fields of individual profile cards. You can also modify information about any user, and delete or deactivate unnecessary accounts.

Tracking and Reporting

Content reports

See what training materials truly work, and what in turn don’t prove to be effective. Get full control over learners’ progress on every course with the Performance Summary, Learning Path and other reports.

People reports

Identify users and groups who show the greatest interest in online training, track their activity and compare it to the results they show in real life.

Quiz and simulation reports

iSpring Learn not only assesses learners’ results, but provides you with attempt details, answer breakdown, average score and much more.

Email notifications

With iSpring Learn, you can always stay up to date with the latest student results. Once they’ve taken a test or completed assigned material, you will instantly get an email notification.

Events Calendar New

Trainings and webinar schedule

The Calendar organizes all your training activities – live trainings, workshops, and webinars – in one single tab. You no longer have to keep separate Excel or Google sheets, class schedules, and attendance lists.

Invitations and reminders

The Calendar keeps your learners on track: invites them to training sessions, reminds them about upcoming events, and notifies them about schedule changes, so you don’t have to.

Attendance report

After a training event has ended, instructors can take attendance, and this info will become available in your reports. You can assign self-study materials to those who were absent, or invite them to an additional training session.

Layouts and filters

You can display the calendar by week, by day, or as a list of all scheduled events, as well as filter activities assigned to certain instructors or learners.

Webinars New

Email invitations

You can invite both your iSpring Learn users and newcomers to join the webinar. Just enter their emails, and the system will send invitations automatically.

Screen sharing

You can broadcast your entire desktop or choose a specific running application.

Presentations and video

Support your talk with a compelling presentation or video. Open a content item right from your account and share it with your learners during the webinar.

Chat and discussions with attendees

Attendees can communicate in a chat or private discussions, and ask their questions to a speaker in the Questions tab. A speaker can turn on any attendee’s mic, or make them a presenter.

Reference materials for learners

You can share a presentation or some useful materials on a topic with your audience. Just upload your files so attendees can download them to their computers.

Webinar recordings

Webinar recordings are saved in the content list. You can send a recording to attendees so they can review material or share it with colleagues.

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Gamification New


With points, you can recognize your learners’ achievements and give them feedback on how well they perform. Award points for courses and tests to inspire your learners to complete their assignments.


Award your learners with badges for completed materials and earned points. For example, give an employee a “Best Negotiator” badge when they successfully complete a course on cold-calling techniques.


Healthy competition naturally motivates learners to achieve better results. In the learning portal, each learner can check their leaderboard position and compare their achievements with other learners’.


Course selling

Easily sell your courses commision-free. Just set the price for a course and choose a convenient payment method: with a PayPal account, or with a credit card via Authorize.

Access limitations

The access rules of the paid courses in iSpring Learn are very flexible. Apart from the price, you can limit the number of attempts and specify the display time.

E-commerce reports

Get information on the number of sold items and the income gained in the Sales History and Sales Summary support.

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Learner Experience

Intuitive user portal

The state-of-the-art adaptive user portal contains a convenient content library that divides all the assigned courses into three groups: To-do, Optional and Completed.


Learners have a complete picture of their achievements in a single tab. Here, they can quickly check their leaderboard position, get course certificates, and see how many points and badges they’ve earned.


It’s highly important to get feedback from learners, since it gives insight into their needs. The users of iSpring Learn can comment and discuss every content item you share.

Free mobile app

The iSpring Learn free mobile app for iOS and Android allows users to save courses and take them offline. All the progress data will be accurately preserved in your iSpring Learn account.

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Account branding

iSpring Learn can be easily customized and branded to match your corporate identity. Simply add your logo and favicon, and apply the desired color scheme.


Translate the user portal into any other language to reach audience that doesn’t speak English. You can assign a language version to every organization.



The API technology allows for integration of training data generated in iSpring Learn with any other systems that are currently used within your organization.

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Single sign-on

If your own website authenticates users, they can be smoothly redirected to the iSpring Learn portal without entering their details again. To perform single sign-on, iSpring Learn uses JWT technology.

Domain aliases

You can alias any domain name you own to iSpring Learn, and it will be displayed in the URL.

Custom Options

White labeling for the LMS

Grow your brand recognition by designing the LMS"s appearance with your corporate style. Customize the full look and feel of both admin and user portals.

White labeling for mobile app

Fully branded mobile apps are more eye-catching and help to build your company\'s brand. With iSpring Learn, you can make sure every course attendee knows what your company is about.

Custom reports

There’s no report you can’t get with iSpring Learn. If you wish to have more reporting capabilities, feel free to contact us for a custom report request.

On-premise installation

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based solution and is provided as a subscription to the service. However, we can deploy it on your own network and it will work in an isolated environment.

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