How to convert a PowerPoint presentation to .mp4 video with iSpring River

With iSpring River, you can convert PowerPoint to an .mp4 video file and save it on the hard drive of a computer.

Let’s go over the conversion process. It takes just a few steps to convert your presentations to video format: simply follow the instructions below.

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  2. 2

    Open a PowerPoint presentation you’d like to convert to video and go to the River tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.

    River tab on PowerPoint ribbon
  3. 3

    Click the Publish button to start converting your presentation.

    Publish PowerPoint to video with River
  4. 4

    The Publish presentation window will open. To save a presentation on your hard drive, stay on the My Computer tab.

    River PowerPoint publishing interface
  5. 5

    You can choose from a variety of video sizes under the Video Profile drop-down list. By clicking on Configure, you can set up and save your own profile.

    Select video profile

    Additionally you can fine tune the video resolution as well as video and audio compression.

    Change video quality settings
  6. 6

    Once you’re finished with the settings, click Publish. Before the publishing process begins, a new window will pop up:

    Recommendations for converting PowerPoint to video

    After the conversion process is finished, the folder with the ready-made video file will open automatically.

And that’s it! Now your presentation is in the perfect video format for playback on mobile devices. This is a great way to make training videos, advertisements, or any other type of video presentation.

Take a look at this demo presentation saved as MP4 video with iSpring River:

Start creating video presentations with iSpring River right now

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